Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There is something wrong when...

your lens is worth more then your car... Anyone agree with me? I am in desperate need of a new car. 100 degree weather and my air conditioner quit working... it is old... it's a van... and I'm just feeling way to cool to drive a van. But remember it's just a feeling and not a fact! LOL!

On the plus side I just got my last and final lens for awhile in the mail yesterday. I got to try it out this afternoon before my photoshoot tonight. I have no idea how I survived without this beauty! I am in love. I didn't believe in love at first sight until now. I think I might let it sleep next to me on my bed tonight. I think I will be spending more time with this lens then my own husband and he may get a little jelous, but at least my lens does what I want it to do at a push of a button! Ha Ha! I wonder if it has a clean the kitchen and do the laundry button? Maybe Nikon will make that the next feature.

Doesn't baby Kennadie have gorgeous blue eyes! lucky lucky girl
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Here is my sister Melissa... why do women look away when you try to get pictures of them! Just turn and strike a pose!!! They are worse then the kids... I swear 

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Don't you love when babies discover their hands! So cute
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When I took this photo I caught Mckynlee off guard (she hates photos just like her mom does) and so when I took it I go "Ha Ha.. got your picture!" And she quickly starts to runaway and goes "Ha Ha your not going to take another one." Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Here is my oldest sister Jenny. She hated this photo... told me to delete it. She said her face looks fat! Oh my gosh seriously a 120lb girl just cannot look fat! Puh Lease!!!
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Oh these brown eyes make my heart melt! Rarely does she let me take photos of her but she actually looked at me
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and then smiled! I'm breaking her in.
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Here is my handsome little man Jacob
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and here is his silly face.
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Life with Kaishon said...

What lens is it?
I was at Lisa's workshop this weekend and I tried a 50mm.
OH MY GOSH! I am in love.
Everyone always said they loved it so much and I wondered what the big deal was...and now I know : )

Taylor said...

LOL! Sorry about the air conditioning. What new lens did you get. I just got the 70-200 f2.8 a few weeks ago but have yet to really try it or blog about it. Hopefully I well get some more time soon.

Maybe you can have the hat lol! We got ours from Babies R Us when we found out Mason was going to be a boy. Not sure if they still have them but that's where I got it from anyways. Actually my hubby picked it out. I wasn't too fussy about it until he pointed out how cute it would be in pictures lol! He knows how to turn me around, just talk photo talk hahaha.

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