Monday, February 1, 2016

Madison's 8th Birthday Party Celebration - "Pink"achu Pokemon Party!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl who is now 8 years old! She is currently obsessed with the Pokemon game and looks forward to Pokemon Club every Friday. She is also into "all things" crafts (including sewing, drawing, painting and even pottery), She is really talented at making messes and forgetting to clean them up, telling silly jokes to us and is a huge socialite :) She is amazing, smart, beautiful and kind and I am so proud of this girl.

Madison chose a Pikachu party and because mommy is a fan of pink and girly, we added a twist to the theme and did "Pink"achu instead! So her and I crafted the party together and started planning the games. She helped me choose the design of her cake and we painted 142 pokeballs as necklaces as party favors for the kids and then we invited the entire 2nd grade class to join us! It was a little chaotic (loud) at times but I am pretty sure every child left with smiles and even some hid under tables when their parents came to pick them up because they weren't ready to leave! The house was a disaster afterwards... but that just means we ALL had fun right?!?

Thank you to Melissa for helping me with some of the games. It was a little hard keeping 20+ kids entertained at times and she helped me to keep it flowing and organized. These kids were great and thank you to everyone who made Madison's party so special!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Murdery Mystery Circus Party

The boys wanted to host a Halloween Party so we decided to try a murder mystery dinner party. It was so much work organizing. Not sure I will ever do one again :) But it was fun. I learned a lot about them and how they work. I had some awesome mommies come and help me out with hosting and running the party. Without them I am not sure I could have pulled it off. I didn't get many photos unfortunately but glad for the few I captured

Moscow in the Winter - University of Idaho Arboretum

Gah!! It was so gorgeous the way the snow froze over the trees. I had to spend a hour walking around and photographing Moscow in the winter before we moved away. Such a beautiful place

Drive Thru Nativity Story in Pullman

This is our second year driving thru the nativity story in Pullman. I am always amazed by the work they put into this and such a great way for children to learn about the birth of Jesus. We all had a great family time and even daddy got to join us this year. We got to go through and enjoy hot cocoa, and candy canes :) 

First Lego League - Moscow Charter School - Robotics Class

It was that time of year again where Jacob got to participate in the First Lego League tournament. This year the Pipecleaners did absolutely amazing and worked very hard. He had so much fun again this year. Although this year we had some serious competition and didn't make it to nationals we all had fun and his team did a great job! :)

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