Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Playing games without light

One night while sitting at home the power went out. Of course me being unprepared had no candles, flashlights or anything. Thankfully it only stayed off for only an hour maybe close to an hour and a half but while it was out we found dad's headlamp and the kids played a game of Chess. It was kind of neat playing with light in the dark while my kids played a game of chess. It was a way for the kids to bond and for me to experiment with my camera and off camera lighting. :) Who says you need electricity to have fun :P LOL

Fall with the Ropers! Raking up leaves and jumping into fun

I miss fall so very much!! It's definitely one of my most favorite time of years. The girls and I decided one evening to rake up all the leaves in the front yard just to jump and play in them. Madison raked them up and pretty much Katie just jumped in them the whole time.

Madison would get mad because Katie wouldn't wait for her to finish raking them before destroying them so their was some sisterly arguments LOL! But so much fun anyways.

Madison was burying Katie in the leaves!! 

Jumping into the leaves together

The girls decided to throw leaves at me 

Appaloosa Museum Field Trip with Ryan's 4th Grade Class

Today I got to spend the afternoon with my son Ryan at the Appaloosa Museum in Moscow Idaho. It was with his 4th grade class at Moscow Charter and we learned about the Appaloosa Horses and the Nez Perce Tribe. It was a lot of fun seeing the kids learn about our history! 

Christmas Festivities with the Ropers

We have been doing all kinds of Christmas Activities these last few days. We got to go to the McConnell Museum Vintage Christmas Party where the kids enjoyed all kinds of cookies, homemade wassel and Christmas songs. We learned a lot about the history of the museum and got to see some really awesome antiques which I love!! :) Later that evening we went through a drive through nativity scene at a church in Pullman Washington. It was so well thought out and so many amazing volunteers stood out in the cold and shared Jesus' story with us through an amazing display. The kids loved it. We got a ornament, cocoa, and even a candy cane too!! :) I will try and update more of our events later on as I catch up on some personal blogging :)

We are missing Ryan for this event cause he was at Pokemon Club having fun! 

The stove and the cost from the mansion. This was from a Sears magazine

Pictures of a dark room that was under a set of stairs. So neat!

Katie hiding from me 

Madison is crafting it up!

The  Christmas Tree upstairs next to a Vintage Mirror and Desk! So beautiful!

Jake wanted pictures next to these old skis. His Uncle Jack would be so proud

Old vintage toys!

How Katie sits in her chairs

Madison's snow flake and angel she made and Katie playing with toys at the museum

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday Jacob!

I am a little behind on blogging so I am spending the evening catching up on photos and family updates :) Here is Jacob's birthday photos. He loves his guitar. He has been teaching himself how to play. He is so talented and smart. I love how he is so naturally driven and know he will be successful in life. I love you Jacob! You are such a sweet young man.,

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