Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 25 Photo Challenge: “Wedding Bells”

This week at I Faces the theme is Wedding Bells. It has to be a child or adult face during a wedding. I have a few pictures to choose from and I debated for an hour on which one to choose.... I had some fun ones, I had some serious ones, cute ones, romantic ones.... Oh the decisions you have to make on Monday Morning! More coffee please!!!!

So I chose a "silly" one since I am usually a boring and very serious person. :D

This little cutie is also my niece and she was the flower girl for my friend's wedding. This was my first wedding shoot so it was a learning experience. While the bridal party was getting ready I caught the flower girl sneaking around into the girls' purses. LOL! It was adorable.... If you look in the picture she pulled out some lipstick, razors.... and even a pair of underwear.... and yes I could have edited those out... but too much work for me on a Monday!

Good luck this week to all who enter! I know I will see some great ones this week!

Week 25 Photo Entries - “Just For Fun” Category

This week on I Faces the theme is "Just for Fun". You can enter any photo you have for this theme. To see more great entries click here and you can also enter

This weekend we celebrated my son's 6th birthday so I felt this picture to be proper for this week for "ME" personally! This was taken last year when Jacob turned five. We were outside and I asked him how old he was and he held out 5 fingers.

What I love the most about this photo is this was taken straight out of the camera only it was turned to black and white. I am a photo editing freak... and I also attempted to edit this photo but I felt it best left alone. I love how his hand is out of focus and his beautiful eyes are what you see first when you look at this photo....

Thanks for looking! And I always love comments and always try and returning any left for me! Have a great and fabulous Monday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Jacob!

My little man is now six years old. Time goes by so fast. Today is a VERY special day for us both because 6 years ago he was born on my 21st birthday.
I am going to start by listing "6" things I love the most about my son... even though I could go on and on about him! :D

1) Obedient
2) Respectful
3) Determined
4) Athletic
5) Passionate
6) Intelligent

My son is exactly what you would wish for in a boy his age. He is a very good friend and plays so well with others. If someone needs something and he has it... he will give it to you without thinking twice. The other day he spent the night at his friends house and they were on the trampoline. He was with all his big boy friends so instead of kissing him good-bye I yelled out the door that I was leaving and that I loved him and to be a good boy. I came back in the house and not a minute later he is hanging on my leg saying I didn't give him hugs before I left! I need to cherish these moments because unfortunately as they get older they don't always do public affection! I love him soooo very much and couldn't ask for a better son!

May God continue to guide your life!

To see more photos from the party please click here

Why do kids like sponge Bob? Just don't get it!

Here is Adda playing in the pool
Madison trying to play on this skateboard thingy

My pretty little angel!
This is another gift Jacob got.... some fancy skateboard that is impossible to ride on... I don't know how kids do it!

Here is Jaedon making faces at me...
Here are the boys on their skateboards. Aren't they little studs!
Here is Jacob with his new skateboard
Kinners running around half naked! Silly girl!
Another one of my son's gifts... some transformers thing.
I let my son have a tattoo for his birthday.... :D

Here is Jaedon climbing my tree. He looks just like his daddy here!
Me and Jacob... We don't have many pictures together... mostly cause I am always taking them
One of Jacob's goofy gifts he got
Here are the girls dancing together... or maybe they were pushing each other! :D
He wasn't sure about this game!
LOL! Love this picture!

She didn't really want her face wrapped
Ryan, Bristol, and Baby Boy (yes that's what they call him!?!)

Gavin, Jaedon and Jacob

Kaitlyn, Madison and Courtnee

Here is Bristol all wrapped up!

Do you like my Marie Calendars frozen ice-cream pie? Didn't feel like baking a cake this year!

Here are the girls riding bikes... SOOO ADORABLE! They followed McKynlee wherever she went.

Jumping for joy! This party is rocks!

Hugs for the mummy!

Mummy kisses!

Here is MOST of our party group minus Gavin and the 3 baby girls.

Here is Madison saying "CHEESE!"

My niece McKynlee! Isn't her hair soooo ADORABLE!

I just love how he will strike a pose ANYTIME I ask him too! OH I just adore him!

Here is me and Adda. I didn't realize how much weight I have already gained in my face from being pregnant.... YIKES! Do pictures add weight or is that just TV? Hopefully both... maybe I am not that fat in the face yet! :D LOL

My handsome hubby and my beautiful but busy and naughtly little puppy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally a family day!

Last Monday we went up to McCall and went swimming and walked around the lake. It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the weather. It isn't a dog friendly community (which we didn't know till we got there) and it was too hot to leave Adda in the truck so we couldn't go down to the lake at all and swim. We were a little dissapointed but at least we know next time to leave the dog at home!

Jacob in front of an old window.

Thought this was neat

The view of the lake! So much prettier in person~!

This was the closest we were allowed to get to the lake with our puppy. I guess they were having problems with pet owners not cleaning up there doggy messes so they banned dogs from the lake...

So gorgeous! I want a boat too!

The boys asked me to take a picture and this is what they did. BROTHERLY LOVE!

Madison LOVES the water! She had so much fun.
She loved to be thrown in the air

Having so much fun!

Fix-It #18 - Hands-On Photo Editing!

It's Fix it Friday at

This picture is of this adorable little boy with a sad little tear running down his face! Oh I just love it!

Here is my edit.

What I did

1) Sharpened the picture

2) Enhanced his eyes

3) Slight glamour glow

4) Removed the background

5) Added a texture

6) Added a poem

Here is the original photo. Isn't he a doll?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where did I go wrong???

Looking back at my son Ryan's 1st year of life I wonder where did my sweet little boy go? I am so frustrated with him, so impatient and so confused on what to do with him. When he was a baby he was everyone's favorite. Loveable, hugable, and always happy. He never cried and he was always content. He was the opposite of Jacob when he was a baby. Now they have switched roles only a baby is a lot easier to deal with then a 4 year old.

I have tried everything with him. I have had so many advice from those around me on what I should do but nothing seems to work. He is 4 years old and he still will try and run from me after I get him out of the car. If I am not careful he will one day get hit by a car. Is it the middle child syndrome? Did I do something wrong along the way.

He whines and cries about EVERYTHING! He is a poor sport, If he loses at a game or a race he throws a fit, he gives up too easily if he doesn't get it the first time, he doesn't have a desire to learn, he doesn't play well with other kids because he is so bossy. I see him play soccer and I am so embarrassed by his behavior. The other day he asked to go play at the neighbors house at 9:30 at night. I of course said no... he walked right out that door and completely ignored me when I told him to come back home.
We have tried time out (Doesn't work.... he got even worse), we have tried spanking ( he doesn't care), we have tried taking things away (it doesn't bother him), we have tried rewarding him for his good behavior (it works temporarily).
After a long week by myself without my husband around to help I have had a lot of time to think about what I should do with him. I worry that if I don't figure it out soon we will hit the point of no return. I am trying something new.... and I hope it works. It is kind of last resort for me. I was told to treat him like a baby if he wants to act like one. So today we have put our 4-year old back in a diaper and giving him cups with lids. I feed him in the high chair, I hold his hand when he cleans up his toys.
It is breaking my heart because he is so heartbroken about the diaper. He is soooo embarassed. He never ever hits me or kicks me but when I put the diaper on him he kept kicking his feet at me because he was so angry. He screamed in his room for over an hour kicking the floor, the bed, the wall.... I just don't know what to do.... He is one of those kids you see on the street and say... "My kid will never act that way!" But it changes when you have a kid that acts that way.
Any advice you all may have is great... I am so upset and so frustrated right now. I just worry about him and his future. Sometimes I feel like giving up... because I am tired and I feel like my efforts are worthless.... I'm really wishing Josh was here to help. But even when he is around Ryan still acts this way it is just easier to manage with a second set of hands....
Did anyone go through this? Is there ANY advice. I have just had a terrible week with him and I just don't want to lose control of him. I really want him to be obedient and respectful. Jacob is wonderful and listens to everything I tell him to do and Madison is learning but she is still 18 months old so she still has her moments. But Ryan is just in his own little world. Sometimes I think he has the mentality of a 2 year old....

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