Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Trip McCall- Part 2

Day Two of our trip was more for mommy then the kids! I made them do a little scenic hiking for some photos... they were glad when the rain clouds moved in! :D They wanted to go swimming at the hotel so bad! Anyways here is day two of our trip.

I love photographing flowers!

and old ugly windows with weirdo boys in front of them

I like Flowers and Madison likes weeds...

We discovered a skate park in McCall. It is huge. I guess during the grand opening of the skatepark Tony Hawk showed up! It was a huge event for McCall. I felt a little nervous the whole time watching my kids out there without gear... but I was not prepared to find this along our journey!

On our walk we saw so many amazing things like the small airport

and this picture I love because you can catch a glimpse of a rainbow in the clouds and the second one is an airplane on top of an old camper that is for sale???? How would you transport that? Maybe it is connected to the airplane and you fly around with it... LOL

The rain clouds are moving in

This helicopter was soooo neat!

Right off the path we found a cemetary with a picnic bench and wind chimes?

Found another park on the way home so we HAD to stop!

and ended the day at the pool

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am back off out of town again for a girl's weekend getaway with the sisters. So excited!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Trip to McCall - Part 1

My husband had to work out of town this week and so the kids and I packed up our stuff and went with him. I love McCall! It is a few hours from Boise but the lake, and the city are so gorgeous and the kids just enjoyed playing on the beach and taking walks. This will be a series of photos and blogs because there is so much to share but here is day one of our adventure.

The first thing we did was we buried Jake.

Madison got thirsty and quenched her thirst with lake water.... gross!

We saw boats

We made a Volcano with swords

My kids stuck there heads around metal objects.

A view of the town of McCall

My boys took turns holding up some huge boulders

Views of the Lake in McCall

We found a park on the lake to play at

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quality time with the kids

The kids and I have spent a lot of time together lately. I really miss hanging out with them. I take for granite how fast time goes by and the short time we have together before they grow up. My oldest is already turning 7 next week. Time sure has gone by fast.

Today we took a walk up this hill they have that overlooks downtown Boise. The boys loved it. It was probably a funny sight to see an out of shape mom trying to climb up a steep hill holding up a two year old with a Nikon in her other hand trying to snap pictures on her way up. (If only there had been a photographer behind me taking pictures of the craziness)

I also got to catch up with an old friend at the park... who I failed to take a picture of. What was I thinking! She had the most adorable little man. Allison it was so great seeing you again. We both joined a mommies group and met some pretty great women today. I can't wait for more meet ups this summer and playmates for my boys! Here are some pics from our day.

Here is Jacob on the monkey bars. He literally has blisters from crossing this thing. LOL!

Okay I know this is mean... but I couldn't resist. For one thing...isn't the bathroom just discusting? Public Park Bathrooms are sooooooo gross! I don't even like to wash my hands in them. I usually have my own sanitizer with me. To see something this adorable on something so nasty... I couldn't miss the photo opp! :D

Ryan was playing house with this little girl at the park. He was the daddy and she was the mommy... Madi was there baby... LOL!

And the hill... my kids talked me into it... It was crowded... can you tell! I was afraid of the domino effect! One kid falls and they take everyone else down with them. Thankfully that didn't happen. It's like Where's Waldo here... can you find the boys?

It's steeper then it looks I promise!

So lets say you see your child rolling down the hill... what would a normal mom do? What would a photographer do? Yes you guessed it. the first thought was to take a picture of him before saving him. What kind of mom am I?

They are so proud! We made it to the top in one piece! Hi dad wish you were here!

***Note: This photo was taken by my 6 year old! Not bad. Great focus and nice crop! :D
And for those of you who didn't know we actually have skyscrapers in Boise idaho... here is proof that we are more then potatoe farmers! Ha Ha So the buildings are slightly pathetic in size... but yes we have them

Here is how Madi climbed the hills

If you look closely you will see all 3 kids in the background. Madison then Ryan on the next turn and then Jacob in his blue shirt way out in the distance. It is like they were perfectly lined up for this photo. I love it! Just a lucky capture.

Some more of our incredible views from the path.

I found some great wildflowers for a family photo! Here are some snapshots of the kids having fun in them!

Boise is a great city. From downtown, to mountains, to ski resorts, to water parks, to rafting, camping, hiking fishing... there is nothing we don't have here which is why I love Boise! It is a great place to visit and a great place to raise a family.

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