Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby girl lis 7 Months

My baby girl is 7 months old :) Love this girl!! Where does time go. She is crawling, has two teeth, and already puling herself up on things. When she cries she says "mamamamamama...!" LOL I love it and just love her!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Testing out the new flooring for the studio

Had to do a test run on the new studio flooring. Grandpa even came to visit and the girls fell asleep in his lap! So sweet :)


Awana is starting and got the children all signed up this year. They are so cute! I am helping out in nursery this year so I get some one on one time with Miss katie bug :)

Back 2 School 2012

I cannot believe I have a 2nd and a 4th grader in the house already! We went out to get some back to school photos and as we were taking some of Ryan the bus caught us off guard and the boys had to book it to their bus stop. I only got one pic of Ryan before he ran off :)

Love these kids and cannot wait to see what the new school year brings.

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