Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Easter Photos - Part 1

I have about 150 photos to sort through this week. But for now... before I am off to bed I wanted to share these. Also I wanted to share with you how incredibly blessed I am too! I have booked a couple of weddings this week. Praise God!! I am so excited to really start pursuing photography. No more excuses... time for a new beginning and time to focus on my dreams. My husband gave me permission to get a 2nd camera. I wanted a full - frame but for now I am going to just stick with the camera I know and just upgrade. I ordered my Nikon D90. I got a great deal on it. Our accountant made a mistake on our tax return and I ended up getting more back then originally thought. It allowed me to get a secondary camera that is much needed when shooting weddings. God is good isn't he!! :D

So a lot of these pictures were taken with my new 80-200mm lens (thank you to that very special person in my life who helped me get this lens... and I promise that I will NEVER forget you for believing in me).

Please let me know what you think of the pictures. The ones of Josh and me were taken by my mother... Didn't she do fabulous! This is my mom... Isn't she beautiful?

My mom and my sister Courtnee

And a super adorable couple getting their engagement photos done in the park... hope they don't mind I took a picture! LOL!

I love my husband... he is such a good man! I can't even imagine what my life would be like without him

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yeah it Rained Finally!

The classic rain boots shot... I wanted to try it... found these at a second had store for like $6.00! Loved them instantly and so did Madison. She was my ONLY willing subject to wear pink boots and a pink tutu... not sure why Ryan and Jacob wouldn't do it? :D

So anyways I tried different actions from Pioneer Women... which one is your favorite? I am really loving the colorful one... but in some way I love the vintage one too!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Madison LOVES the telephone already!

My daughter was totally having a conversation today with herself on the phone! LOL!

I have a fun post for tomorrow. My kids joined a 3 day dance program. They will have a show for the parents on Friday... Just imagine a group of wild 2-5 year olds running around in a room.... Yeah pretty funny! I have a bunch of photos to sort through later on tonight but hopefully have some by tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

okay just one more and off to bed!

My sweet little daughter... eating fake fruit out of my fruit basket... goofy kid! I don't actually feed my kids can you tell! See we leave out fake fruit instead... saves us $$!

I should be sleeping but thanks to PW I am not!

Okay so it isn't her fault... but PW was recently discovered in my household... and I have become a fan! I love her seventies action... does anyone else also? So in about 60 seconds I used her sharpen, seventies, eye boost, color burn action, added my watermark and reduced image size to web quality (obviously I reduced opacities) but nonetheless I created this in about 60 seconds. Fast easy and unique! I love it!

Here is the Original SOOC
Best of all her actions are free.... can you believe that! I wish I had visited her sooner... maybe this morning cause I got kids coming over in less then 5 hours... I am going to be sleepy! Oh and guess what! I will get to try out my new lens on May 15th! That's right... I booked a wedding. I have also been working with a company and possibly doing there sports photography! It is so exciting to see things coming together. GOD IS GOOD even though he has really tested my patience this week!

I even got a call back on an event I did back in August at the Black's Creek Shoot Out and they asked if I would come back and do the event this year! I am so excited! I am actually making money doing what I love... how lucky can a girl get... I almost feel bad charging people cause I would probably do it for free if they begged me too! LOL! But I guess I have to pay for this equipment somehow... so my next baby is going to be the Nikon D300.... It will be in my hands by May 15th... GUARANTEED! Sorry hunny you have absolutely no say in this one!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenge “Focusing on Angles"

This week's challenge at is angles! No need for explanation... except for don't enter a photo straight on... go for something unique, a different angle or perspective.

The minute I took this lucky capture of this energetic little man I knew right away it would become one of my favorites. I happened to be at the right place at the right time and so grateful I was paying attention!

Me and the Man

Okay so this is for you Dea! I totally "remote controlled it!" First time ever... had to redo this shot like ten times cause it was not focusing correctly  and even this one was out of focus... but hey it is good enough for me! Taken with the new lens and with the cutest husband ever! And he liked taking pictures with me cause I bribed him with a kiss photo! :D Which I won't share! LOL!

Here is my new hair color! Back to blonde!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My New Baby!

Okay so today I met my new baby in the mail! I didn't tell anyone yet... but I have been saving up for the Nikkor 80-200mm lens f2.8. I couldn't afford the coveted 70-200mm VR II but hey you know what... I am okay with buying used!

So I took a picture of the first thing I saw... and it was our lunch from Little Caesars.... so here is the first image ever taken with my new baby... Amazing Bokeh! :D  My husband thought it looked dumb all blurred out... and actually I agree but I wasn't trying to take some amazing photograph here... I just wanted to test it out!
And how about some sparkling fruit!

I purchased this for wedding and action photography. But because I couldn't wait to use it... I took it to the park... so this by the way is NOT a park lens! Umm duh... it weights a hundred pounds! Okay so not really but it sure is the heaviest lens I ever owned! But I got a few shots before putting it back into my car. It was just too heavy and bulky...

Madison was NOT interested in taking photos for me today.....
Ryan didn't mind... but the sun was bright so he kept squinting

And can you believe... I let a complete stranger take a picture with my camera... I felt safe cause he was sporting a Canon with a barrel lens a mile long... :D I figured he must know what he was doing right? LOL! and so glad I took the chance cause here is the end result... the wind is blowing like crazy... Madi wanted down, and I have a cheesy smile... but how often do you get to have a picture with your angel... and check out my new hair color! Got my hair done today! Thank you Jodi and Tanzanite Salon in Downtown Boise... you are amazing!!!

Now to book a wedding! I really am dieing to use this lens! I was hoping Jessey and Sean would get married soon... but it sounds like they are going to elope and then use the money for a honeymoon.... :( Sob! But maybe this post will make her feel bad and change her mind and have a wedding... or maybe they will bring me with them? FREE VACATION HERE I COME! :D

Friday, March 19, 2010


Do you need a UV filter for your lens?

TODAY only you can get them free with a $3.99 shipping.... click here

I actually needed one... so I got one... Can't go wrong with the price!

The Mind of A 6 Year Old

Well at least some of it... I am sure at one point all of this was true at one time or another! I liked Saturday's drawing.... yup... that's my kid... :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On A Much Much Happier Note- Here are the girls!

I know... I know....I take to many photos of the girls. :D

Jake was at school. I got Ryan all dressed up for a St. Pattie's Day picture... spiked his hair... which he was not thrilled about and then when I called him in for the picture he comes in smiling with water dripping wet from sticking his head in the sink... He did not want spikey hair... or a green shirt.... So instead of laughing it off... I actually grounded him from the playstation! I was so mad at him... and now today I wake up and I am like "Why can't I be more like Rebekah at Life with Kaishon" when it comes to hair. LOL!

Okay so next time... I won't over react. After all... it is just a picture and how funny would it have been if I had taken a photo of my son with water dripping all over his face, hair matted down and a super soaked green shirt... Now I am seeing the humor in all this. I could have gotten a great shot... WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!

So for St. Patrick's Day... all we did was make boring green pancakes. And the kids thought it was gross... LOL! I will upload pictures of the pancakes tomorrow. I forgot to download them to my computer.


I maybe put to much emphasis on the teacher yesterday. She is amazing. She really is. My son adores her....and so do I. I actually asked her to keep me informed on his behavior. So she writes down when there is an incident minor or major. As a mother I want to make sure my son is being on his best behavior even when I am not there.

I got to talk to her yesterday and understand more of what happened. The reason she never got the complete story is because when she asked Jacob what happened he "clammed" up. He has done this since he was a child. I don't let him get away with it. I send him to his room until he is ready to talk.... but as a teacher she can't exactly do that. Plus she has 20 other students and can't neglect them. She really truly is a wonderful teacher and she cares so much about my son. I think it is just hard to see your little one have such a hard time with this little girl.

After I sent her the letter she immediately emailed me back and reminded me that name calling in the 1st grade is a big deal to "them". Which I forget that sometimes. It really is. So I agree that should not be allowed. But my son went up to his teacher yesterday and shared his side of the story (like I asked him to) and he said that she said "okay and that she would talk with the other two kids" So... I believe now the situation will get handled....

Now as far as Chloe having a crush on my son.... well it is actually the other way around...LOL!  Here is proof. My son made these little heart characters in her class... and well... if you look closely...  he wrote and then erased her name. My son has the crush and has had one on her all year long... Not sure why. I mean she is cute... but I mean no "Dakota Fanning" adorable or anything! :D

Thanks for all your help!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Struggles of Motherhood

I have chose not to share these incidents before but this time I am just frustrated and guess need to vent. My husband is out of town and so I guess I will vent to you! :D
My son started acting up at school. I am not sure why... He was always a sweet, mellow, quiet, straight A student.... He did exceptional in Kindergarten and not one complaint from his teacher about behavorial issues (His teacher was also a very close friend of mine so she would have told me too). I was asked by his teacher if things in his home life had changed... and I said no... in all honesty... things are better then they ever have been.

This year is different. Different year, different teacher... Maybe this teacher expects more out of him... or maybe he truly has just "changed".

He particularly doesn't get along with a girl named "Chloe". I used to like that name... until now... I hate to be a petty mom... but really I just don't care for that little girl.  The things she has said and done to my son... Without boring you with the details... I will make it quick.

Jacob tried so hard to be her friend. She doesn't like him for whatever reason, and always tells him to leave her alone cause she doesn't like him. My son comes home crying and wants to leave his school because he can't understand why she doesn't like him... It breaks my heart. Anyone who knows my son would know that he has a heart of gold... Ever since all this started happening... he started doing it back to her and now others in his class from what I understand. So I am frustrated, torn and cannot figure out what I need to do as a mother to punish accordingly or protect my son too... For example... we were making Valentines cards for his class and he only made half of them cause he didn't want to make some for the other kids... That is not like him... period.

Here is the letter I wrote the teacher this morning (1 of probably 20 so far)

Apparently there was an incident yesterday that happened at school. Jacob was disturbed about it. He openly told me what happened and here is the story

Jacob, River and Chloe were in line near each other.

Jacob said Chloe had an attitude.(which if that is true... I won't punish him for that cause I believe she does also and it is a true statement)
Chloe and River told you Jacob called them brats (if that is true... then he should be punished cause that is name-calling)

Jacob got in trouble by you for name calling
He said he told you that he didn't call them that name but you said he was lieing.
He got written up on his behavior chart.

That is what I could gather. I wasn't there so I only know what he said.

I asked him why two kids would say he name called them brats. He said he didn't know but he swore he didn't. I made him think about the incident for a while and gave him another opportunity to come clean. He said again "Mom I promise I didn't say that." I then reminded him that God knows if he is lieing even if I don't so that he needed to be honest with me. He says he knows that and that he was telling the truth. He was leaving for school this morning and I asked him again if he was telling me the truth. He said he was. I then told him the consequences if I find out he is lieing (Grounded for a week in his room and chores). I then proceeded to tell him that if needed we could all have a meeting with Chloe and River and he could confront them to find out who is telling the truth. He said that he had no problem with that cause he was telling the truth.

In all honesty... this whole incident is petty... easily solved... but someone is lieing and I am not sure who. At this point I have to believe my son until I am proven otherwise. I am not going to punish him for something he may or may not have done. And I am not picking on Chloe but she has name called him many times that he has told me about that he chose not to tell you about and so I know it is just a kid thing. I did it growing up, my husband did it growing up... It is something kids do.

Here is my fear.... I do no want to discourage my son from being a kid. I do not want him to be punished for every little thing he does, after all he is a kid. But if he is lieing to me or you then that is "major" and needs to fixed. Growing up as a child... I was a huge liar... I always lied to my mom. I hope my son will not go down that path. I am not sure what to do. I am torn. I want to believe him... but then two kids against one... it is hard to believe his story. But he is adament that he was telling the truth and said he didn't get a chance to share his side of the story completely. I am wondering if he said she had a "Bad" attitude and she mistakingly heard brat. not sure I wasn't there.... I asked Jacob if you heard and he said you weren't nearby... so anyways what happened and what should I do.

Josh & Stephanie Roper

The teacher reports "every" little incident to me now that Jacob does... I can't blame her... I actually asked her too... but really are we taking away my son's childhood by punishing him for everything he does and says? Can I truly expect my son to be a perfect little angel all the time? I don't want him to walk on egg shells for the rest of his life because all I did was make him be what everyone else expects him to be.

He is smart... EXTREMELY SMART
He is sweet.... He NEVER forgets to kiss me goodbye before walking out the door
He is Willing.... he has asked if he could help me with chores many times so that I can be done quicker
He CAN be a good friend.... From what I see at home... he plays well with all the other kids that come over... with exception to his brother and sister... which I think is typical

SO.... for me it is hard to believe that my son is THAT bad at school.... he has had his moments... but at home he is back to the same old boy. The more and more I am at this school the more and more I pray that God will give us the money to send him to a private school. I hate the school he goes too. It is a "Title" school... or a nicer way of saying "Low Income" school. So the kids he plays with are usually children with less privilage then others... most are on welfare or reduced lunches. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that except for sometimes because of that you have two parents working and the kids dont' get the attention they need. So the kids tend to be more "spirited" :D. I hope that is the nicest way to put it.

I hate public schools... He argued with me already that the dinosaurs are a million years old because he read it at school. I am a Christian and based on the Bible... I obviously believe otherwise. So anyways I need strengh right now. My husband and I have considered moving up to McCall where my husband is working out of town 4-5 days a week just to get a break from everything. it would be a temporary thing (maybe a year) but that would mean putting my photography on hold... and focusing solely on my kids... (which would actually mean my kids would be homeschooled for the year). What would you do as a parent?

This is the boy I know and LOVE and I refuse to believe that he is nothing more then that... He is not a bad kid.... and if he is only acting up at school... there is something going on....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Non"Cense" of the Census

I understand the Census.... but is it really necessary to send a Pre-Census form to everyone in America to tell us our Census is on the way? I mean really? About a week ago I got a letter that said my Census was on the way so to look for it in the mail... So lets talk going Green here... Obama wants us to Go Green but the Census Bereau just wasted a piece of paper, a stamp, and an envelope on nothing.... Think of the time, the effort and the cost to send out a Pre-Census Paper...

Now I am not a environmentalist freak or anything... but maybe a pre-letter is a little ridiculous... I am just curious on your thoughts.

So like a good citizen... mine has been filled out and back in the mail... is yours? Honestly I just did it so I wouldn't forget... nontheless it is none

So speaking of going green... or pink for me anyways... Look at what I picked up today and Bed Bath and Beyond... Copco Reuseable Coffee Cups AND in case you care they are BPA free. They are $7.99 each but I had a $5.00 off coupon so I got two of them for $11.64. :D My coffee now has a home... and I am going Green... or pink... and I look stylish doing it!

Hope you have a great day!

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