Monday, December 21, 2015

Murdery Mystery Circus Party

The boys wanted to host a Halloween Party so we decided to try a murder mystery dinner party. It was so much work organizing. Not sure I will ever do one again :) But it was fun. I learned a lot about them and how they work. I had some awesome mommies come and help me out with hosting and running the party. Without them I am not sure I could have pulled it off. I didn't get many photos unfortunately but glad for the few I captured

Moscow in the Winter - University of Idaho Arboretum

Gah!! It was so gorgeous the way the snow froze over the trees. I had to spend a hour walking around and photographing Moscow in the winter before we moved away. Such a beautiful place

Drive Thru Nativity Story in Pullman

This is our second year driving thru the nativity story in Pullman. I am always amazed by the work they put into this and such a great way for children to learn about the birth of Jesus. We all had a great family time and even daddy got to join us this year. We got to go through and enjoy hot cocoa, and candy canes :) 

First Lego League - Moscow Charter School - Robotics Class

It was that time of year again where Jacob got to participate in the First Lego League tournament. This year the Pipecleaners did absolutely amazing and worked very hard. He had so much fun again this year. Although this year we had some serious competition and didn't make it to nationals we all had fun and his team did a great job! :)

Ryan's end of the semester Animal Cell Project - 5th Grade - Mrs. Hylton

Ryan was ecstatic to do this project for school. He had to make a Animal Cell out of anything he could dream up. He originally said pizza, but then moved onto dessert :)

I completely let him take charge and he did amazing! He is so creative and I am one proud mommy. He wrote out what he needed for each item he was needing to label for his Animal Cell and then he just started creating. He said not only was it super awesome to look at... it was even better to eat! Proud of this boy. :)

Katie's Christmas Preschool Party - Mrs. Jenny

Katie had her preschool party this week! They graced us with beautiful music, a picnic lunch and showed us around their classroom. Big sister even got to join in the fun for the day and see what Katie's morning looks like at her school :) My heart is full .

2nd Grade Christmas Party - Moscow Charter School

Wow I have not blogged in so long. I have so much I need to catch up on over the holidays :)

These were some photos from Madison's Christmas Party. She asked me to come and capture some photos of her with her friends since it might be the last time she is at this school before we move. I just love her. She has so much personality and has met so many great friends. We are forever grateful for the people we have met here in this small town.

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