Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Here we are "waiting" for the kids to wake up... Can you believe that! For over an hour Josh and I waited for the kids to wake up while drinking our coffee. We finally had to go wake them up!!
The first thing the kids to is open up their stockings. Ryan found an Iron Man figurine in his stocking... so excited!
Daddy's been naughty this year... look what Santa put in his stocking. Not just a lump of coal... but a big bag of it! And look how upset Madison was that it wasn't for her!
Sharing the story of Jesus before opening gifts.
The very hectic opening of gifts. Ryan got a new video game from his brother.
Adda is just one of the kids. She always has to be apart of things. Even she got her own stocking this year.

Jacob got a Science kit.
had to get a picture. It was too funny!
Ryan was so excited for this... he had been wanting this game for months
WOW! Jacob got a skateboarding game!
The boys got a new race track for Christmas. I had more fun playing this then they did. LOL
Madison got some new furniture for her doll house... she is putting flowers on her table
Playing with her first barbie
My little cutie playing in her room

adison got two barbies for Christmas, a couple of dolls, two strollers, and a doll crib... and she wants to play with Ryan's Super Hero Figurine... LOL! Goofy Kid!
Attempted Grandkid shot... LOL!
Kylie loved this horsey purse I got her!

Would not let this thing go!

Kylie is starting young with the high heels!

Madison was sneaking cookies here... I think she had at least a dozen that night!
Kinners... you are such a doll!
My Prego Sisters

Ron started picking on Ryan because Ryan wouldn't quit laying in the middle of the floor where everyone was walking.

Way to go Jenny! Can you please move that belly out of my picture!
Can't tell whose having more fun... Ron or Ryan?

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas Eve we go to my husband's brothers house for dinner. There is nothing like getting together with loved ones during the holidays.

This picture is right before we left for Jack's. Grandpa came by to get some loves from Madison. She is always so excited to see Grandpa when he visits. The minute he got here she crawled up in his lap. Not even 10 minutes later she fell asleep on him. It was so sweet.

Here is my nephew noble
Sydnee, Noble and of course Madi
Goofy Ryan trying to shoot the camera...
Jessey and her boyfriend Shawn. Isn't new love so adorable!
Aunt Jessey has always said that Ryan has her heart! And it's a good thing because Ryan adores her so much!

Every Christmas Eve I let my children open up one gift (of my choice!) and every year... it's the same old boring gift... yes the notorious pajamas that they are forced to wear Christmas morning. it is a tradition my mother started... and I will continue it. :D
Ryan had asked me a few weeks ago for slippers but I wouldn't let him get them at the store... so he was thrilled when he saw them with his pajamas.
LOL! Here is my Christmas Present...wrapped up with a pretty bow. It's the best gift ever!

Since we don't really have a place to hang our Christmas Stockings I just set them on the table...
So excited!
She was so happy about her pajamas!
I know in his head he is probably thinking... "pajamas... why didn't I get a video game or a new car!"
Ryan and his goofy faces... it never ends I swear! he is just one goofy kid
Showing off the new pajamas
And of course goodies for Santa... and since Santa doesn't like milk I gave him his favorite... Soy Milk! :D
Isn't this adorable! Madi's new dolly crib and grandpa and grandma sent her a doll and stroller for Christmas! How perfect for her crib!
Enjoying the quiet moment... knowing that in a couple hours this room will be torn apart and one giant mess!!
And of course... the true meaning of Christmas... This story will be shared first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Reason I Love Boise Idaho

We have great sunrises!

I went skiing with Jack and Jake at Bogus Basin the day after Christmas. It was my 2nd time... my son's 3rd time... and after I fell of the chairlift twice, lost my ski's on the chairlift and fell down the mountain a hundred times... I finally started to get the hang of it! Jacob's already a pro. Not kidding either... he is already going off the jumps. I don't get how he picked it up so fast!
I am lucky that Jack was so patient with me. He kept saying "Your doing great, your doing fine!" But I am sure what he wanted to say was "Seriously can you please stay on your feet for at least 30 seconds?" Your six your old son is cruising down the mountain already and your butt did most of the work today and not your skiis!"

Okay maybe I'm exagerating (a little) I wasn't horrible... just not as good as them! :D

Here are some views of the Sunrise on the way up to Bogus Basin

Jacob and Uncle Jack aka: Ski instructor Jake skiing down the mountain
An old pro... all over the mountain

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