Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July fun!

Just a few days behind on these but better late then never! I told grandpa all about how Madison for the first time in a long time would sit still long enough for me to take some photos of her. Over the last year she has become a pill to photograph and find myself wanting to take pictures of my other little monkey Ryan cause he is such a little poser for me! We had a great 4th of July and went to a friends house and had a BBQ, did a few fireworks and just let the kids play play play! :)

A lot has happened to us this week. Moving into a new home (bigger and lots of yard for the kids!) We are very excited for this. Found out that Ryan will have to undergo another surgery on his boy parts :( gotta make sure it is taken care of so this mommy can have some grandbabies. :) And also he is undergoing testing at a neurologists to find out what is causing "tics" that he keeps having in his face over the last couple weeks. A lot is going on but looking forward to finding out the results so we can figure out what steps we need to do to help him get through this!

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