Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What a busy week for me.... 3 two year old girls in my house all week. Mostly these pictures are of my niece Kylie because she was extra adorable this week! Oh and in case your wondering... this was taken with my cheap and trusty 50mm lens! I have become very fond of this lens! He looks so cheesy and small on my camera... but he sure does take great shots!

Too Precious for Words! BABY KADEN HAS ARRIVED

Sorry for the lack of comments! I am extremely extremely busy. I have been working long hours on business stuff with two extra kids this week. My sister had her baby and on top of that my other pregnant sister is having her baby shower this week.... which I am hosting! So please forgive me! I will be back soon to find out how everyone else is doing.

So with that said... check out this adorable baby boy. He is the newest addtion to our family. He is splitting image of his proud daddy and he is going to be a busy baby boy like his brothers. He does not like to be moved, kissed or touched... and if you stop rocking him he gets mad! I love every ounce of him! :D

This picture cracks me up cause my sister was laying in her hospital bed texting family about baby Kaden...
 What a new world we live in where phone conversations have become non existent... and I am guilty of it too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Families Rock!!!

My sister is having her baby tomorrow! So excited! Oh I just can't wait to meet you baby Kaden! So Sunday we finally got the adorable family together for one last photo before baby brother comes. (LOL! This was an impossible shot...) After some clipping and pasting of some heads and eyes... here is the final... I should show you the before photo... but seriously that would be embarrassing! :D But .... maybe I will if you can guess whose head isn't real!

Oh and guess what there names are too! Okay from oldest to youngest. Here we go...

Treighton, Clayton, Katelyn, Jaden, Kaden ... and Kylie (her's doesn't rhyme... BUT her middle name is Jaydon also!) So during this photoshoot. I managed to call everyone by the wrong name! But the parents had to do rhyming names didn't they!

Week 8 - “Hands-On Fun” Photo Challenge!

This weeks challenge at http://www.iheartfaces.comis/ to enter a photo of a hand. Here is my son Jacob. I asked him how old he was and instead of telling me he showed me! To see other great entries please visit and even enter yourself!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Pretty Ballerina -

So my sister Jenny has been doing so much better with her kidney stones. She is now scheduled for a C-Section this Tuesday in the morning. I cannot wait to be an auntie again! I cannot wait to meet baby Kaden! Jenny really wanted to get a photoshoot of Kylie in before Kaden is born. These are some of the shots we got!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My pets are the best!!!

As I was enjoying my morning coffee on my couch I see my dog sitting on our patio chair with puppy dog eyes saying... "LET ME IN!!!" It is snowing here today in Boise so she was cold... poor thing!!! And here is the cat... just chillin by the window... probably laughing cause the dog is outside and he is in a nice warm house!  (PS The pictures were taken through the blinds... which would explain the verticle lines!!!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fix-It Friday #44 - Hands-On Photo Editing Fun!

I HEART FACES Fix it Friday Day for me!!!

This was a quick fix for me this week. What I love about this photo is the shadowing on the street... I know what a lame thing to love right! But it is so unique. For me it is telling me that the sun is starting to go down and casting beautiful shadows on things!

So here is what I did to the photo.
1) Sharpened in PS2
2) Cross Processing "L08" with Nik Software using a 46% Opacity
3) Flattened Image
4) Added a warm texture with a built in Sunflare. Don't you think this photo looks great with a sunflare! It just really needed one!
5) Added white dots to her eyes to draw attention to them... they were just lacking them .
6) Cropped image

Done in just a few minutes. Have a great weekend!!!

After                                                                                                                                Before

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Maternity Photos of Melissa!

I took these almost 5 days ago! Been so busy I haven't gone through them yet! It is now 4am and I am still up! I am so going to regret staying up so late. Madison has been extremely difficult lately and requiring every ounce of my time so I had to stay up to get caught up! I have so much going on. I am getting my website together, my logo, my new blog, advertising. I am really hoping my photography will go somewhere soon! Anyways here are some of the photos we took. Kinners was so funny.... she was sooooo upset mommy was showing her tummy. She was crying at first about it and then kept trying to pull her shirt down. Kids are so funny sometimes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Adorable Niece!!!

Isn't she so precious! I finished up Melissa's maternity photos this week. In the process I captured this one of my niece. It is one of my favorites!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 7 - “I Wanna Dance!” Photo Challenge

Oh did I try for a dance photo...  but didn't happen my very uncooperative subjects just didn't have it in them this week. I tortured them enough with Valentines photos... so I was forced to pull from the archives. I really ddn't have much to choose from. I have photographed two weddings total... and one of them they didn't dance at... so I had to pick from the first wedding I ever took. So I know this is probably not a winning photo but I loved it because I love the expression on the grooms face. And the bride was laughing so hard! The man dancing with the groomsmen was the DJ. LOL!

To see other amazing and better then mine images go to Even you could enter in a dance photo... you should totally join it's a blast!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Diet - Week 3 -

I am surprised that healthy food can actually taste so good. I have gotten to accustomed to it that now when I have junk food it makes my stomache sick! Last night I veggied in my bed with a Hershey Bar (King sized by the way) and a movie Time Travelers Wife (not the greatest movie... so dissapointed) but anyways is it just me or are Hershey Bars nasty now! Did they change their chocolate like M&M's did? Have you tried M&M's lately? I do not eat them anymore... they are gross!! But I totally would have rather had a carrot over a Hershey Bar!

So the first week I lost 5 lbs... week two (none) and week 3 one pound.... So I am slowly chippin away at these last pounds! Only 10 more to go and I will be so ready for summer! Here are some recipes I have tried lately. Have you heard of LOVE IT! Type in the ingredient you want to use and it pulls up recipes... you can download shopping lists and create a recipe box! Yes it is my new best friend!

This is called an Israelian Salad
6 Cucumbers, 4 Roma Tomatoes, 1 Red pepper, Cup of parsley, 1/3 cup mint, I threw in somes sweet peppers and some feta cheese, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt and pepper. Put this in a pita or a flour tortilla.

I liked this... my husband didn't... the first thing he said was "Where's the meat?" So tonight since we have some leftover we care going to throw in some pasta and some chicken.

Chicken and Carrot Salad
so I thought this sounded weird at first but it actually tasted pretty good. Carrots, raisins and walnut salad with olive oil and garlic... chicken had onions on top

9 Layer Dip for the Super Bowl
So good! Not healthy at all! Here is a step by step on the layers.
1) Refried Beans
2) 2 Cups Cheese
3) 1 lb Cooked Beef
4) Sour Cream
5) Guacamole
6) 2 More cups Cheese
7) Tomatoes
8) Olives
9) Green Onion

And we had tons left over so during the week we put this in a burrito! Tasted good pretty darn good! Made me want to go running after!

Baked Chicken and Steamed Asparagus
My husband pointed out that I didn't remove the neck! Hey I am new at this whole eating healthy thing so I didn't know!

Steamed Chicken, Steamed Yams and homemade creamed corn
My husband asked during this meal "Are you pregnant or something because you put feta in the corn." I told him no (cause don't worry I am not!) but i thought it sounded good! And guess what... it did! Feta makes everything taste better! BETTER THEN CHEDDER... that's my new sayin!

Homemade cream corn is so easy 1 Cup Chopped Frozen Corn (I used my handy dandy Pampered Chef Chopper) to 1 Cup frozen Corn... add some honey and seasoning (maybe some feta cheese) and there you go. SOOOOOO much better then canned cream corn!

My mother and my sister came over to enjoy this meal with me since my husband worked late and it was pretty good... in fact my mom liked it so much that I had to hide josh's plate of food otherwise she just may have eaten it all! Very easy too... I added worcheshire sauce and vegetable juice to baste it with and it was delicious!

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