Sunday, January 25, 2015

National FLL Tournament in Moscow Idaho - Builders Online Representing Moscow Charter School

What an experience my son got to participate in! His teacher was incredible through the whole process. She really allowed the children to control the experiment, and create and design what they wanted to compete in Nationals. I am so excited to be able to have shared this experience with my son and I really truly hope he embraces what an incredible opportunity he was given and for all the hard work the school, the team and outside sponsors gave to make this possible.

Left Photo: Part one of the  origami the team made for the other teams. It says FLL Rocks!
Top Right Photo: The t-shirts representing Moscow Charter School - Builders Online
Bottom Right Photo: My son representing his team at the University of Idaho campus

Top Left Photo: This was the board our students created for presentation!
Bottom Left Photo: Our team minus one team member who was sick that day
Right Photo: Is the part two of what the orgami did! It says Robotics on the outside

Builders Online being introduced during the FLL Tournament

View of all the teams representing the FLL National Tournament

Left Photo: Jacob looking over his presentation
Top Right Photo: Being questioned about the functionality and design of their robot
Bottom Right Photo: Our coaches watching the team present their design

Team building exercises. The team had to untangle the rope and the judges watched how they treated each other as they worked together as a team. Our team giggled and laughed and not only was successful in the exercise but they had fun while doing it!

Having so much fun

Team photos having so much fun! 

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Jumping for joy!! 

Team Photo

Team Photo taken at the Memorial Gym at the University of Idaho Campus

Jacob having fun. His nickname was Jakernaut :) Thought that it was pretty creative name for him 

Parents and coaches enjoying the tournament and supporting their team.

Our coaches and even the Moscow Charter Principal came by to watch on his Saturday off! 

Ready... set.. go!

Final Score for our team. They had a rough start and some complications with their robot but our team pulled together by the final round and did a great job! 

Here they are waiting for the final score to show up. They were pretty excited to have pulled off 95 points in the 3rd round :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Madison - Art themed Party at Wild at Art

Madison's 7th Birthday was such a blast and we did a art themed party this year with the girls in her class. It was so much fun and we celebrated at Wild at Art. Photo credit goes to Tami Rene Photography. It was nice to be able to host the party and not have to worry about taking any photos and just enjoying my daughter on her special day.

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