Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This year we hosted Easter at our house! It was a blast and watching the kids go crazy over egg hunting was the best! Climbing trees, digging through the garden and shoes that were under the trampoline just for candy... pure awesomeness! :)

My husband smoked a pork shoulder and tons of yummy food it was such a perfect Easter. I think the smiles and kids face shows it all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Egg Adventures

Finally getting some long over due blogging done. This is our adventure in Easter Egg Dying this year and it went soooo well. Have you ever seen these no mess kits from Wal-Mart? Worth every dollar! Hardly no mess, no stains on my counters or shirts or fingers... just fun fun fun!

Here are what these no mess kits look like

Al smiles... even though it wasn't the traditional method of coloring eggs the kids still had fun

Check out Ryan's face! He was sooooo shocked when the egg dropped in. LOL

Inserts egg, wait a few minutes, tip over and drop out the egg.

The kids watching the egg turn colors

About halfway done and this is my mess so far

Jacob is telling Ryan he can only dye 3 eggs... ha ha!

Loved this candid moment between these two

The only problem with this kit is when you dump the eggs onto the place the shells cracked... oh well... they still tasted the same and again... no mess for this mama to clean up!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Christmas in April!

Editing photos from Christmas?? Yes I am that far behind. I finally broke down and started editing personal photos when I ran out of memory on my computer :)

This is from my boy's Christmas performance in 2011 at Maple Grove. It was an amazing concert and they organized it sooooo well!! I was so proud of them and it was so fun to watch. Enjoy the photos

Sand Art with Madison

Blog day!! Catching up on some personal photos today. (hopefully!) Can you believe I have photos from a year ago I have never edited or even looked through!?! We have had a rough couple of weeks with the new baby. She may be colic and I just started her on some gripe water. I am hoping this helps her to be content so mommy can get more done and spend some more time with the other kids.

This was done back in January after Madison's birthday party. She got this art project as a gift and we had soooo much fun with it. She was soooo excited to make these and even regifted each of them and gave them to her brothers, friends and cousins. Such a sweet girl I have.

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