Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bath time pictures

Madison loves bath time! It is the best solution to make her happy for us. If she is upset we will ask her if she wants to take a bath and usually she will go running toward the tub!
This is short and sweet because I am ready to get off this computer! I am having a not so wonderful day today and am ready to relax on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea and possibly a movie...

Monday, April 27, 2009


Can you believe that! Two weeks since my last blog. When I reflect on what has kept me from blogging for two weeks... I can't think of a single reason. I don't know why but my days felt shorter and my chores felt longer.... my kids seem to want my attention more but my energy seemed to be less... So that is my excuse!

So in between cooking, cleaning, yard work and homework this is what we have been doing.

Mommy can we PLEASE go outside....



Ryan thought that he needed to dress up in last years Halloween costume and ride his bikes outside! It was too cute to see this little lion wheeling down the road!

Hey look I have a tail!

I'm one! (No actually your almost 4)

This week at Awana Jacob had store night. He had over 200 shares! He came home with a sack of stuff! He was sooo excited. He is so sweet to because some thing he got double of so he could share with his younger brother. He is such a sweet boy.
Here is a picture of all the things he got!

Here is my son wearing some dorky glasses he bought at the Awana store

Here is my other son

and here they are... double trouble!

Jacob has had lots of homework this week. He is getting ready to go to 1st grade (Sob) and so they are doing all kind of kindergarten testing. Today (he was SOOO excited) they got to eat in the cafeteria for the first time. Since Kindergarten is a half day they are usually fed before school but today was a special day so Jacob got to eat at school. He even invited me to join him for lunch! I better take advantage of this because I know that it won't last forever...

Hey lets not forget the classic Madison tantrum.... this time on the concrete... OUCH!

Now she is happily playing with her ducky she got for Easter

Ooooh look another tantrum... this time not on the concrete. SMART GIRL!

Olivia came to play with us today... This is her signature pout face!

My old house had lots of Lillie's, tulips and misc. flowers that I just fell in love with. In this home we live in we really only had over-grown flower beds. So we decided to do some yard work this weekend. My husband laid down some fresh sod while Ryan and I planted beautiful spring flowers.

So Saturday was our family day. It was soooo much fun! There is a new place called Monkey Business in Boise and Saturday was their Grand Opening. It was free to the public... YES FREE!! and they served FREE pizza and FREE cake! The kids ran for hours and hours and hours! They had so much fun! If I had a million dollars... I would build a play area like that in my back yard :D
This slide was ginormous! I was scared to go down this thing! (As you can see my eyes are bulging out of my head!) My two year old niece climbed all the way to the top and got to scared to slide down so I volunteered to take her down... One time was enough for me!

Jacob was a professional at this! He climbed all the way to the top like a monkey in a tree, and then as he repelled down he used his feet to bounce down the wall like a professional!

My sister Melissa and McKynlee joined us.

Yes... he is doing what you think he is doing....

Madison loved this ducky! She did not want to share with anyone!

Jenny and the clan came over Sunday night for a BBQ! We made shish kabobs with steak and chicken. We had Albertson's french bread, baked beans with bacon and for dessert strawberry shortcake! That was one of the best days of my life. :D
Aren't these peppers gorgeous!

Mmm..... looking at this picture makes me hungry again... except for the fact that the meat is raw here :D

Baked beans with spicy mustard and smoked bacon... Matt's famous recipe!
So that's our week in a nutshell....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He is Risen! Easter Sunday

In the morning the kids opened up their Easter baskets and then during breakfast we told them the story about Jesus and how he was crucified and then resurrected. I want my kids to know that Easter isn't about candy and eggs but about Jesus. It was too adorable because they kept interrupting me trying to finish the story for me... :D

We went to my mom's house to celebrate Easter this year. As we walked up to my mom's house this is the sign that we saw! My little sister Courtnee wrote this sign for us! She is so funny! One day she will laugh over this!

And for dinner.... The classic Caesar Salad, Homemade Dinner rolls

Green bean casserole... and taco lasagna!

And the biggest hit of the meal was the homemade Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo! Great job mom!

We had an Easter Egg Dyeing contest for all the kids...

Here is Katelyn making a Hannah Montana Egg!

Here is a picture of some of the beautiful eggs that the kids colored. (You can see my reflection in the pink egg!)

This egg is taking a long..... long bath...

The kids won prizes for the eggs that they colored and some of the boys picked out water guns! So of course part of our day ended up in a water fight! I had to keep warning the boys that I am the photographer and my camera is not water proof!

Here in this picture you can see the water coming straight at my camera.... Arrrgh... boys!

Jacob took time to show us his first tooth that he lost (Okay I lied... he didn't lose it, he had to have it pulled because he hit his front tooth and it died and the dentist said it needed to be pulled) He was so brave... he didn't cry or get scared when they gave him that shot in his mouth... and he proudly showed off the $2.00 he received under his pillow in exchange for his first tooth!

Clayton took time to dress up like a girl.... Yikes... I wonder about him!

This is where our Easter Bunny lives!

The men (of course) sat around the living room watching golf. I guess the Master's was on... and my husband's eyes were glued to the screen. It was amazing because during the commercials Ron found time to take a 3 minute cat nap!

Kylie in her pretty Easter dress eating dirty garbage off the road.... Such a tomboy!

And here is Madison in her pretty Easter Dress! My favorite photo of her for the day! Look at those baby blues... I wish her hair wasn't blowing around!

Madison getting ready to eat sidewalk chalk... I deleted the pictures of her actually eating the chalk... pretty gross!

And last but not least the traditional egg hunt! We sent the boys packing to the park with a tote full of eggs and they did a fantastic job hiding them in the grass! Look at him "Hiding" the eggs :D

Go Clayton go!
Courtnee was complaining to me that her knee hurt from running...

Here is little Katelyn taking time to smile

Jenny and Kylie!
Here is Josh helping Madison collect eggs.... Ohhh Father / Daughter moment! Those are the best.

This is after the egg hung when I was exhausted trying to chase kids around to get pictures of them... Man kids are fast. I don't know what I was doing... bored I guess but I thought the picture was neat!

All the parents are exhausted... watching kids have fun gets a little tiring....

And again... Clayton dressing up... at least there isn't glitter on those glasses!

BTW: This is "officially" my longest picture blog ever! Wow how exciting... I think this blog took me over an hour to post.... Wow I am sure I could have found much more productive things to do then post a blog... but this was more fun...
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