Friday, April 30, 2010

My Mother's Day Gift

This is my Mother's Day gift to myself and the G-Ma's! I am so excited to get them! We took these in a field by our house full of the purple weeds flowers. I ordered them through . Has anyone ever used them? I heard great reviews and although I have been a smugmug fan I thought I would give them a shot. I have been so so so so so busy! I have 5 photosessions booked this week and possibly two more. I have been so busy taking pictures of everyone else I have no time to take pics of my own kids... I guess that is the downfall of starting your own business! Anyways I hope everyone is doing good and I plan on doing some blog hopping soon and catching up on everyone's blogs! I miss it!

Oh also guess what I officially started this week! It is a must have in every women's life! :D

We officially launched a Bunco Group and I hosted the first night on Wednesday! It was sooooo much fun! Has anyone ever played? Any suggestions on keeping a strong group? I love all the women we played with. They were just there to have fun and get away from normal every day life. And it was great to have real conversations with people that actually like to talk about something other then video games, toys and barbie dolls! :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Walk

Guess where I will be June 5th? That's right! I am going on the photo walk across America! They are coming to Boise Idaho and I cannot WAIT TO GO! I love this website!

Tickets are only $5.00! ANYONE CAN GO! NEED AN EXCUSE TO WALK? Then come join! I am sooooo excited about this. Can you tell!?!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet baby Kennadie!!

I am a little late on posting this but have been so busy with other things. But I haven't fogotten to post about her! My sister finally had her little angel. She is officially 1-week old and absolutely gorgeous! She actually reminds me of Madison when she was a baby. Congrats to Melissa and Nick and big sister McKynlee! Enjoy her because they grow up right before your eyes!

Which reminds me... I gotta go enjoy my little ones... Madison has been asking me to do a puzzle with her all morning!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh My! 87GB of JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer has been running slow... and I kept running out of memory. I wondered how in less then 6 months I managed to eat up 200GB of memory. So I did some research and I had 87GB of temporary internet files! LOL! Then the rest was because I had Vista and Windows 7 on my computer still!

Can you believe I had 87GB of internet files!! Lately I have been practically living on my computer trying to get my business promoted and I am constantly online... Yeah.... maybe I should clean my computer out more often...

Hope everyone is doing well! I have been extraordinarily busy this week. I think my hair is starting to turn grey! But life is good, we are good and cannot wait to get back to posting! For now I will grace you with my precious niece that I got the honor of photographing this week!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I have a question... and let's talk about weeds!

I am curious to know if my blog posts are showing up the way I see them on my screen. Are they showing up funky on anyone elses screen? I have been using a 3rd party to upload my photos and have trouble sometimes with my paragraph (words) showing up in between my photos and ugh... it is so frustrating. Still haven't figured out yet how to avoid all that so I have to write everything before hand and not in between my photos. But I am wondering what it looks like on your end?

Okay now to fun stuff. Here is some photos of the kids I took for Mother's Day! I made Madison a tutu! Isn't it soooo cute! I love Zebra print stuff! :D I made a whole bunch of them for my photography business! It was soooo easy and "NO SEWING" involved. They are sooooo fun to make! These pictures were taken in this weed field right down from my house! I may not have blue bonnets (yes you..I see those photos! It's not fair)... but I have purple weeds... that I think look great in photos! So all you braggers   luckies out there with blue bonnets.... well don't be jelous cause I have purple weeds! :D

Here is the gift I will give the Grandparents for Mother's Day... Including myself... of course the one below is my version... and then I will change the wording for grandparents!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 15 - “I Heart Desserts” Photo Challenge!

I am really not excited about this weeks theme ... I cannot believe is hosting a challenge like this when I am right in the middle of my diet! Who is going to take the blame for the weight gain... How in the world am I going to go visit other blogs to see their pictures... It isn't fair and not a good start to my week! LOL! This will be a good testimant to my self will power... I will let you know how that goes after I finish all the chocolate from my kids' easter basket!

This picture is from my sisters baby shower. I made a 3 layer fondant cake. For all that know me I am a self -taught fondant cake maker who has no idea what I am doing... I thought at first it would be like playing with play-dough.... and after watching online tutorials it was much more then baking a cake and throwing on some icing... I realized that when I first started making the marshmellow fondant what a "sticky" mess I had gotten myself into! LITERALLY! Anyone ever made homemade fondant? It is the messiest event and my kids laways ask why I don't let them help me make fondant! I am sure to a kid it looks like a lot of fun!

This is #5 cake I have made!

To see more great entires go to and see all the other great entries and desserts!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Visiting our Nana!

It was a boy free event and Madison and I decided to visit our Nana. I just love her. She has a heart for the Lord... and she is such an inspiration to me and my family. My daughter loves to go over there and was so excited when she heard we were spending our day to see her.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

and when we were done I spoiled my angel with ice-cream

and she loved every bite!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facebook and New Blog Site

In the last month I have been working on so much stuff trying to separate business from personal.... It has been a long process for me!

So if you want to follow my photography blog here is the link (But don't feel obligated! LOL)

Here is the link to my personal facebook page.!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=557709528

and the link to my business facebook page!!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000862615599

So that is it for now! I hope to see you on facebook!

Madison's Artwork Story

Once upon a time it was raining in Boise Idaho so mommy decided to do a paint project instead of doing something outdoors. It didn't start out very well cause I accidentally put my hand in the paint as my mom was putting everything together. As you can see it was very traumatizing and I no longer wanted to paint anymore!!

But then I saw my brother Ryan mixing his colors together with his magical brush.

He then used his magical brush to paint a pretty picture

So I decided to give it a try one more time and decided it was actually kind of fun to use my magical brush.

Then my brother decided to place his hand in the paint... I didn't know what he was doing!!

He then showed me his nasty, dirty, disgusting and messy hand

and he put his hand on his paper. To my surprise it left his handprint on the paper! It was sooooo neat!

So I built up the courage to try it myself.

and I found it was actually kind of fun!

So instead of painting the paper I decided to paint my hand with my magical brush!

and then see how it smelled....

I look over and my brother upstaged me by painting his shirt

So I started wondering what I could do to upstage him

So I painted my other hand

But that just wasn't enough so I put my artwork on my head

and then my face

I was pleased with the results

I think I make a beautiful piece of artwork... don't you?

and I don't know why but my mom made me erase all the hardwork I did.

I tried really hard to convince my mom to let me stay this way... and even tried the big blue eyes trick

But she said no... and poured water on my head and cleaned me up

I guess it's okay cause she made my brother get cleaned up too...

But maybe next time... I will color my hair? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend - Part Three - Sunday

The kids woke up to their Easter Baskets

Ryan was showing off his new Bronco's hat he got in his Easter Basket! Sorry for lack of clothes... my boys sleep in there underwear! Does anyone elses boys to the same thing?

Aunt Courtnee stopped by for a moment to show us her new pet bunny

Here is my nephew Zach eating away at his waffles!

Madison LOVES puzzles. She is so smart too. She can do puzzles all day. She put this 48 piece puzzle together by herself. She was happy to sit on it and pose for me for a treat.

I love this photo! Everyone is smiling. I need to take more grandpa photos with the kids. They just love him! They look forward to his weekly visits. They climb on him, read stories with him. It is so fun to see them with him.

The kids found these beautiful flowers growing in our backyard... and my sweet little Jacob put them in a shot glass vase and brought them to me for Easter. They were my gift the kids.

Then we headed to Aunt Jenny's house for dinner and an egg hunt. Here is a picture of my beauitful niece Mckynlee

Kylie was running from me! LOL! She didn't want a picture... little brat princess! :D

Here is Kaden just sleeping away! Already 11 lbs!

Madison found her place in life... underneath a kitchen table with a book! LOL! Goofy kid

Time to eat my turkey! Madison had to eat with this baseball... and she protected it with every bite she took!

Here is the little princess table

This is the way we eat! Totally Flinstoning it!

Uh-Oh! Accidents happen... Kylie found nail polish and spilled it all over her brand new Easter Dress.... mommy had to change her! Notice the different dress. But now it is also time for the Egg Hunt.

Good ol egg in the mail box... I bet the mailman wish he worked on Easter Sunday's!

Candy on the car roof... isn't that a little predjudice against short people... I couldn't have reached that one!

Ooooh! Whats up there? If there is only one who gets it?

So proud of his eggs he collected

Taking time for a quick smile.... she has better things to do like find chocolate!

Ryan was multi tasking... for every egg he found he ate a new piece of candy

After the egg hunt I come in and find this! Daddy found a moment to rest.

and the end result after combing my kids baskets. My kids know that everything they find is equally shared cause I am a mean mommy.

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