Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother's Day!!! (Little behind!)

Catching up on these posts and I promise this is the last one as I am getting ready to get some errands done so I can spend the rest of the day with the kids. Our Mother's Day was simple and sweet. My husband made us breakfast and then we headed off to the park for a picnic with my family.

We went for a walk and we realized that Madison doesn't know how to use the brakes on her bike and she was going downhill and lost control and ran smack into the front of a tree. The vain part of me wanted to remove the bump in photoshop... but decided to leave it since it is a memory of our day.

We spent a good half hour teaching her after how to use her brakes on her bike :)


Cleaning off my computer and found pictures from a year ago I never even opened up!! I am so behind on my personal photos it's ridiculous. Almost a year ago I got to go to Las Vegas and we took the kids to Circus Circus. It was amazing!!! I had to share the photos.

My daughter is 3 months old!!

I haven't shared my project I am working on for our little one. I will share all these with you at her 3, 6, 9 and 12 month milestone :) She has changed so much but we love all our moments with her. When I am done I am going to put all these into a 8x8 album for her as a keepsake of her when she is older. The last photo is of her 3 month session we did. I really wanted to capture "her" in this session and her personality. All the many faces and expressions of my sweet little girl.

Memorial Day

I felt Memorial Day this year I really needed to try and educate my kids on what it is all about. It isn't about camping, BBQ's or parks although we did BBQ and go to the park later that day :) But we spent a lot of the day sight seeing and visiting places that hold a significant value to how great our country actually is. I tried to explain to them the purpose of what serving in the military is.

My son Jacob wants to be in the military when he grows up. I asked him "Why" on our trip yesterday and his response was this "Because I want to learn to shoot better." I told him from there that you could go to a shooting range and learn shoot better there versus putting your life on the line in the military and that it wasn't a reason to join the military. I told him to think about it some more as to why he wants to join the military and that I would ask him later again the same question. As we went on our journey I did my best to explain to him why "I think" people join the military. I explained the purpose of having a navy, the marines, coast guard... etc.

When we were done on our adventure I asked him again why he wanted to join the military and he said "Because he wants to keep us safe." MUCH better answer and reason (in my opinion) to join the military and felt like the kids learned something and had fun in the process.

Never take for granted the freedom we have because behind that are many lives that have been lost so we can have it. I know it's easy to forget how great a country we actually are but I just encourage those to get involved in our country (stay informed on politics, laws, etc), to thank those that have served in any way for our country and to educate those little ones on what our military is for.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Skate Park with My Boys

One of my boy's favorite summer activities is going to the skate park. I love watching them out there learning tricks and doing things that make my heart stop! Eeeeks... some of those jumps scare me but try hard not to be an over protective mommy and let them have fun and live life.

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