Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Shoot of my little sister

Yes I know she is beautiful anyways so these photos probably aren't even that good! It is easy to take a great picture when the person behind the camera is model perfect! This photo shoot was a lot of fun. She did whatever I told her to do! No complaint no arguments.... all she did was throw a little bit of her personality into each photo!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pictures that Inspire Me

I love these photos! They were taken on our vacation last year. We went to Oregon. Josh and I spent a morning on the beach just taking photos of everything and anything!

This is the baby tiger we got to hold at the Bandon Petting Zoo. He was like a playful kitten with big puppy feet! His fur was so soft and fuzzy.... I wanted to take him home!

This looks like a photo you would put on the cover an an album... only missing a few band members and guitars!
This was actually taken in Cascade. We were on the opposite side of the lake at my aunts cabin. This is their view.... Can you imagine waking up to this every morning while sitting on their enormous pation sipping coffee... It would be a glimpse of heaven every morning.
Even though the ocean will wash away my writing.... this picture will remind me every day how lucky I am to have him.
These are a bunch of fisherman bouy's. They were old and rotted... but in a way are they incredible and fascinating to look at! I mean think of the history behind these! Every crack and scratch has a story....
Bandon Oregon Light house. The view is incredible.... Light Houses are all unique and so inspiring. I could take a vacation for a week and view light houses everyday and be completely content...
They look so in love....
Lucky shot... Trying to take a picture of this unique flower and here comes a bee.

A bird sitting on a rock. It is an incredible silhouette!
Someone was lucky enough to walk this path... and leave a path. It makes me want to be there and walk that same path....
Oh.... I want a relaxing vacation on the beach... no actually I want to live on a beach.... then it wouldn't only last a week... I could wake up to this every morning. But instead I wake up to boring Boise Idaho :D Just kidding... its a great place to live... just not much to do in the extreme winters and extreme summers!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check out my muscles!

Madison is ADORABLE! Check out her muscles! I swear they are real!:D She tries to fight the boys with them... unfortunately she doesn't win. We are all doing well. The kids are on spring break. The boys and I are on the way to the store to buy Jacob and Ryan a yo-yo. They have been begging for one. Jacob wants to start a yo-yo collection like the yo-yo man! He is so funny. The other day he asked me if he could grow his hair long and get a tattoo! He is five years old and asking for a tattoo! I can't believe him! Where does he get this stuff from.... Boys!

Here is Madison begging me to hold the camera.... ummm... let's see a $500 camera and a 1 year old..... Let's think about that! So after I told her no... this was her reaction... PRICELESS!

The kids and I walked up to Chief Joseph the other day to play outside. Ron and his kids joined us. This is Kaitlyn. Isn't she a little cutie!

Here is Matty Bo Bratty climbing up and down the slides!

I don't know what I was doing with my fingers... but it looks like I am doing something naughty... I'm not!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Loving the 70 degree weather!

Okay it felt like 100 degrees outside today! When you go from frost and snow to 70 degree weather in one week it is hard to adjust! It was absolutely gorgeous outside.

Melissa and I went to a park near her house and fed the ducks. We had a picnic outside on the grass and played on the playground. It was so much fun. I just love this weather. This is my favorite time of the year. Just the other day I saw Lillies and Tulips starting to bloom... (My favorite flowers). I had them at my old house... I will have to plant them here because all they have at this house is ugly rose bushes... I hate those things! Especially with kids!
Here is Jacob climbing up the slide instead of going down the slide!
Little Miss Thing playing on the playground!
Ryan got stuck going down these steps and wanted me to help him down. I said I wouldn't until he took a picture... This is his signature pout face!
Here is our little friend Olivia who came to play with us!
Here is McKynlee feeding the ducks.
and Melissa and Kinners watching the geese.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm Irish and completely forgot today was St. Patrick's Day. My festive sister... (Always remembers this kind of stuff) brought home the green.... (not money DARN!) But she bought Jacob a new green shirt for school and got the girls all decked out in their green gear! Thanks Jenny!

Here are some pics of the girls. Ryan wanted to run around in plaid boxers and snow boots today so I won't delight you with those photos!

Look at Madison's poor scratch! I have no idea what happened to her :(
Madison was trying to pull Kylie in the wagon! It was so adorable!
Pretty Girl! That smile just melts my heart away!

Feeling so much better!

Where does time go. Is it already the middle of March? Sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button on life.

This week the doctors changed my thryoid medicine to a higher dosage and it seems to be helping me out so much better. I have so much more energy (and I need it with these kids!) and it seems to help with my mood swings (ha ha poor Josh how did he put up with me for 7 years). It's funny because before I knew I had a thryoid problem I thought being tired all the time was because my kids got up a dozen times in the night and then you think you are tired because you are always on the go with them but it had nothing to do with them. I am so thankful that I got this fixed. According to the doctors I am hypothyroid and I should be overweight... but thankfully I don't have that problem and have never had problems with my weight.

Anyways I spent the weekend with my sister Jessey and we rented a hotel, ordered in food, watched movies, gossiped about our boys, laughed about nothing, and just had so much fun. I love that girl!

Here are some pictures of the kids during the week.

The boys had a tea party wit hot cocoa the other day. Ignore the shot glass and the pink bib... :D

I couldn't find another small cup and I didn't want a major spill so I settled with a shot glass that Josh got at the Coeur D Alene Golf Course... SHHHH don't tell him he would be so mad!

A toast to hot cocoa on a cold and rainy day.

One minute Kylie was playing in the playroom... the next she was passed out on the floor. She slept like this for about an hour!

and again on the same day I found her sitting on the couch sleeping... How can children sleep like this... my poor back and neck!
Madison LOVES to hang out by the bath when the boys are in there. They think it is funny to poor water on her head while she's there. There is usually a swimming pool of water on the bathroom floor when there done!
and the boys all cleaned up and ready for bed making faces at their mom!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinner Last night at Golden Corral

I thought this picture was neat! This was off my coffee table.

The kids and I met up with Regina's family and Myriam and Zein at the Golden Corral in Nampa. The kids loved that they got to pick out whatever they wanted to eat and then pick out dessert. Myriam helped Ryan get dessert and he came back with a plate of ice-cream, gummy bears, M&M's and a big slice of carrot cake! I think at that moment he was in heaven!

I wish Josh could have made it but he had to finish up a job and worked late. The kids lasted about an hour and were really good.... but after an hour of sitting in a restaurant they had enough. Madison wanted to run around, Ryan wanted to blow air through a straw at everyone.... (and gross... because his spit kept flying out in the process!) and then Jacob wanted to swing his yo-yo around and hit everyone in sight! So we decided it was time to go.

Here is Regina's family and Myriam and Zein
Here is one of Madison and Myriam!
My family and Myriam and Zein.

A Day at my House

I thought I would try something new today. I set up a stationary camera and took pictures every few seconds of the kids. They are all over the place playing with toys. This video only had a time frame of about 5 minutes... and as you can see... the kids are VERY busy!

If you watch closely there is a fighting scene where Madison took a toy from Kylie and Kylie starts crying. There is a dancing scene where Kylie was jumping up and down and Madison was shaking her booty. There is another scene where Madison and Kylie and Ryan are playing ring around the rosie... and then giving each other hugs.... they are too cute!

Monday, March 9, 2009

A step back in time!

I got an email from a friend who sent this to me the other day. This picture was taken at Eagle Middle School when I was in 8th grade! I can't believe I looked like that... what was I thinking! A T-shirt two sizes to big for me. STRIPES and the hair... lets not even go there! Seriously... wow... I am so glad I learned from the TV Show "What not to wear!" HA HA

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time to wind down.... OR NOT!

So after a big dinner and good company... wouldn't it be time to relax and get some rest... No not at my house. It was time to pull out the camera and start posing! Here's Courtnee with bunny ears!
And yes... I'm choking her! She wouldn't sit still... I had to teach her a lesson!
This is Courtnee in a head lock! Do you like my Dr. Seuss socks? They are so comfy!
Trying to keep "peace" in the hood! LOL
I wanted a picture of Josh... but Courtnee jumped in. Everything is always about her... ha ha! Typical girl!
Mother/Daughter time... I love this picture... Most of the time I am the one behind the camera so I never have pictures of me... so this picture is a rare delicacy!
and here is my naughty little girl... dancing on the table! Now because I laughed at her for doing something she isn't supposed too she will think it's a game to climb on mommy's furniture...

and the girls again! Of course Madison couldn't put down her baby! That will be her favorite toy for the next couple of weeks!
Like I said.... always about her! She must get that from her other sisters... HA HA! Definately not from me :D
All tuckered out after a long day... Sleeping in grammy's arms...

What a great day! What a great weekend! Praise God for such wonderful family and friends... I am so blessed!

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