Monday, January 20, 2014

Madison wearing my Wedding Dress

Oh isn't this every mom's dream?!? Well except maybe not at 5 years of age :) But Madison and I had fun playing dress up in my wedding dress. Love this girl and her willingness to pose and be silly for me. I think she had fun though :)

I realize I need to do some serious editing to extend the floor but I figured if I ever printed these out (someday!) Then I will do it then. But for now I am just blogging away and posting all my images straight out of the camera cause I am so behind I don't have time to process images. LOL

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Beach Babes!!!

Ohhhhh I miss summer!! :( I won't even post words... because the smiles say it all :)

Annual Roper Camping Trip! June 2013

Oh my goodness! Some more photos I completely forgot about! I am so happy to find these. Here I am in the cold midst of winter and I found these and it just makes me look forward to summer!! Awe I can't wait and we had so much fun (as always) spending the weekend with our family and watching the cousins play! It is what life is all about!

Love the drive to our camping spot. Finally I actually stopped on the side of the road to capture these! :) 


Right after I washed her face she did this. Brat!

Oh aren't you cute! My lil messy girl. She thinks it's funny... I give up... she is destined to be dirty on our camping trip

Make - Up.... dirt.... up that's my girl :)

Landing on the nest to feed her babies! It was so awesome! Taken with my telephoto. It was super far away so I wish I could have been closer but the river kind of blocked my path :)

Well I think she is having fun :) Total beach babe right here LOL

We threw Lucky in :) We do this every year cause otherwise she won't go in the water

So glad we bought the raft. The kids had a blast in it

Covering herself in sand

Who has the biggest muscles????

Oh I think the girls got this in the bag. Look at those muscles!

cousins playing!! 

love this girl she is so beautiful just like her mama

Found this huge bear just wandering around :) 

no words here... I guess we don't feed our kids so they resort to eating sand.

Collecting water for her sand castle... I think her swimsuit is a little big :) But Madison loves this swimming suit so I let her wear it even though she has a brand new one!

Oh man this is going to be funny

oh yeah? Well take this

HAHAHA Boys are too funny

sand castles :)

pretty views

First Day of School - August 2013

Behind?!? Yes!! Yes! I even have photos from almost a year ago to process. I will catch up... eventually. But anyways I was so excited to see the kid's come off the bus on their first day of school! I had it all planned. I hid out behind a bush and got my telephoto lens on and wanted to zoom in and get them candidly walking off the bus together and capture each child coming off the bus....

 It was a gorgeous day! The streets were quiet and weather perfect. I went outside and waited for what felt like forever because I wasn't exactly sure what time the bus would get to our neighborhood. And guess what everything was working out perfectly and BAM! Stupid Jake's Service truck totally photobombed my picture. How dare he drive down my street ;) Guess you can try to get everything to go smoothly but sometimes things are out of your control. How ironic he drives down the minute my kids come off the bus and gets in the way of my perfect photo. Oh well.... life goes on :)

Days with Katie

Kids are back in school and life is back to normal (as we know it here in Moscow anyways) Other then Katie's tantrums she often throws the house has been pretty quiet. The kids are in school during the day, so the house stays clean (YAY!) and daddy is back in college so Katie and I get a little time one on one with each other. I love simple days like this and just the little things in life we do. I love watching her vacuum the floors :) Im training her to do it so I don't have too one day down the road.

Oh I am the master of tantrums when I don't get my way!

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