Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Impromptu session with my precious daughter

This post is for grandpa :) I know how much he will love these photos of his granddaughter. She was super adorable today too and totally into this session!! Love this lady

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Maternity Photos

Only 2 weeks until little Katie comes into our lives. We are very excited... anxiously waiting... and enjoying our nights of sleep! HA HA! These photos were taken by my super talented and amazing photographer friend Tamara with Tamara Kenyon Photography. She did such an amazing job. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends/photographers!! I really wanted our maternity photos to be with just Josh and I. We rarely get time away from the kids and I really wanted to just have some time with him and Tamara did an amazing job capturing "us!"

My beautiful niece Leandra's Baby Shower!

My niece and I are only a few weeks apart and we are both having girls!! How exciting to bring to beautiful angels into this world. Laury and Sydney did so awesome putting together the baby shower. Lots of delicious food, awesome games and tons of laughter. Isn't my niece the cutest pregnant gal you ever did see!! She looks amazing and the name she chose is so suiting to her personality. Leandra loves music so they named their daughter Minuet. :)

Can't wait to meet you little lady!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Baking Cupcakes for Valentines

I could not wait to do her Valentine session with the new kitchen she got from Santa :) When I found this apron I knew exactly what we were going to do for a themed session. We had so much fun too!! This was a session my daughter wanted to do again and normally she isn't thrilled when I pull out my camera.

She got to stir her batter in her little pots and pans

Oh ya... don't eat the cupcakes... she wasn't exactly sanitary when she made them :) Licking the spoon, her hands...

Grandma called while she was baking. :)

She put in her own batter that she mixed up

Putting the cupcakes in the oven next

She even put her oven knob to 350 :) Teaching my little girl to bake is so much fun!

When she wasn't looking I snuck a batch a premade ones back in her oven and told her it was time to pull them out of the oven.

She was shocked that her kitchen baked her cupcakes!!! She thinks it's a magic kitchen now

Now time for some icing

Oh P.S. I learned to sew... and my first attempt at a banner. HA HA! YA it isn't anything fancy but took me only 20 minutes!

She can't wait to eat them!

I told her she could have one.... oooops it hit the ground... and yes she picked it up and ate it... LOL!

So not a graceful eater... but enjoying every moment of it

Usually at the end of a session she is pouting.... but look at her... happy as can be :) And I had fun too!

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