Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 of the cutest girls ever!

I just love having these girls! They are so cute! I had Olivia and Kylie today and although all three of the girls had sharing problems.... they were so cute to watch them play.

We all walked up to the park today with my double stroller, Olivia in my arms and Lil ol Ryan at my side... We will probably never get that adventerous again... it was a little crazy!

Ryan was my big helper. I would take the girls to the top of the slide and he would catch them at the bottom and help them down. He never complained about helping me out and was such a good sport about it.

Check out these pictures of the girls!

Sunday was comfort day!

This Sunday we went to Calvary Chapel. I love this church. The sermons are incredible and the people are so great to meet. I have never seen so many pregnant women though! I went there and everyone was pregnant... I am shocked because usually when I see babies I'm always like "I want one!" But lately I see these beautiful brand new babies and I think... "Wow, a lot of work.." I know that sounds selfish... but that is a great step up for me. I love kids but I think Josh and I are so excited to start the new chapters in our lives!
We got home from church and the boys wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was Ryan's turn to help me cook. Look at him trying to flip the sandwich... it didn't land on the griddle!

Later on we decided to play some family games. Jacob's friend Jayden came over to play. We played monopoly jr. (Jacob picked this game), high ho cherry o (Ryan chose this one) and Madison picked out a book! The boys live for this day! They "LOVE" to play games! Probably because they always beat me and they think it is funny!

Beautiful Rainbow!

Check out this rainbow from my backyard! It was incredible. It was so vibrant and beautiful! Whenever a rainbow appears in the sky I try and tell my boys about God's covenant with Noah. They don't quite understand but they can tell you the story.
Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.
Genesis 9:16

MyTwo Handsome Lil' Stud's!

This morning was a perfect morning to get some pictures of the boys. It was 52 degrees outside and cloudy! Perfect weather to get some shots of my handsome lil' men! They are growing up so fast! Check out Jacob's sweater. Sunday after church we wanted to have game night and we were bored with the games we had so we went to Goodwill to find a game to play. I found this Kenneth Cole vest for $1.99. He looks absolutely handsome in it!
I even had Madison in the beautiful white dress so we can get all the kids together... but she didn't want to cooperate so only the boys got pictures. I have to bribe them with candy in order to get them to stand still! I asked if there was a spider on my lens (to get him to look at the camera) and he gave me this look as if I was dumb!

The boys love each other! Everyone says Jacob looks like me and Ryan looks like Daddy... actually my mom told me he looks like Uncle Matt. She says his big blue eyes and goofy smile remind her of Matt! What do you think?

This is such a Ryan face. I gave up on the perfect candids of kids. It is too stressful for you and the kids. I decided it is more important to capture who they really are... and this... well this perfectly describes Ryan! Goofy, silly, and full of personality! Wow! He looks so serious here! I can't believe he is almost 4! (Well in like 6 months...but it is coming around quick! He looks like a little business man... next time I will have to throw in a suit case! He would look like a salesman... or maybe the future president!

To see more photos you can click here to go to my online photo gallery.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pancakes, Crafts and Makeup! A day at the Roper House!

Yesterday morning the boys came into my room and brought me the pancake mix. Jacob goes "Mommy can we make pancakes... please!" As much as I would have rather gave them a bowl of cereal... I couldn't tell him no! So we gathered at the kitchen island and all made pancakes! It was a mess. I let Jacob pour and flip the pancakes by himself... most of them didn't make is back on the griddle but the kids didn't care and still enjoyed them!

Later on that day we did some crafts. I took alphabet letters and glued each letter of the alphabet onto a piece of paper. I gave Jacob some magazines and glue and told him to find pictures that start with the letter of the paper and glue them on. Jacob found the pictures and cut them out and Ryan glued them. I had more glue on my kitchen table then on the paper!

Here's Ryan and his silly face... never fails... get him in front of a camera and he has to make a goofy face! Here is an example of their beautiful artwork. If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind piece I am willing to sell for the right price! (LOL)

Kylie came over to play today also and the girls got into my make-up. It was too cute. They were pretending to put make-up on each other! For those of you who say girls and boys aren't the same when raising them.... WHATEVER! I went to the grocery store and I always let each kid pick out one special treat for the month as a snack when they are good and Madison picked out a box of Disney Princess Cookies in a pink box! She's one years old..... SHE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THEN BOYS! She is all girl! Shoes, makeup, dolls..... yeah so not a boy.

I love this black and white photo of Kylie! She is so cute here!

Then Madison snuck into the pantry and brought me a big bowl of popcorn that we saved for feeding the ducks. She kept pointing at it and bringing it to me because she really wanted to eat some. So I decided to sit her and Kylie on the ground and let them be big girls and eat it. Then Madi took the bowl of popcorn and poured it on her head ... Yeah not my brightest idea. One year olds aren't "CLEAN!" It was funny!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008 at Jack and Laury's House

Every year we go to Jack and Laury's house to celebrate Christmas with the Roper's. It is so fun to get all the cousin's together and watching them play! Here is a recap of our night. I forgot I had these pictures and so now I am playing catch up on blogging....

Here is Jacob and Gavin... They are were hanging out on the couch watching Wall-E.

Here is one of Unckie Matt and Madi.... he is the bestest uncle! She just loves him.

Here is all the kids. It is so much fun because they all have someone around their age to play with. Sydnee has Paige, Gavin has Jacob, Ryan has Bristol, and Madi has Noble.... it is so perfect how this happened!

Jack hosted a seafood fest for the family... My kids actually ate shrimp and crab and LOVED it! I would never have guessed they would have ate it. Jack also made these incredible deviled eggs with bacon and jalapeno's inside. They were sooooooo good. I was disappointed because I didn't get my annual serving of Laury's spinach dip she makes every year (due to certain reasons.... JACK!!!) lol.

Here is Aunt Jessey with Josh. Brothers and sisters... I can't wait because one day this will be Jacob or Ryan with Madison!

Here is Noble... the newest addition to the family. He is the cutest baby! He is so sweet and so mellow. He has the chubbiest cheeks that make me one to just kiss them!

To see more pictures click here.
There are tons of pictures of the kids.

Pictures from Madison's 1st Birthday

So I found a memory card that was from December of pictures that I forgot I had. I can't believe I lost these. These are from Madison's 1st Birthday Party. I made my own cake for her to save money. It was a princess themed party and so I made a 3 layer cake with a princess crown on top. I used a marshmellow fondant for icing. It was beautiful!

Madison got so spoiled on her birthday. I found this beautiful Battat Doll House at Other Mother's that costs $200 brand new and then you have to purchase the furniture and dolls separately. It is extremely sturdy and will be around for my grandkids one day. Other Mother's wanted $200.00 for it and I begged my husband to call them and talk them down in price. I was too afraid to ask myself.... Anyways they agreed to a price of $150.00. It is a great bargain. I got the matching garage and a house full of furniture that is about $30.00 per room brand new. Of course the gift she loved the most was a stuffed cow.... how ironic! Within two days he already had to go through the wash because she played with him so much and he got so much food on him!

Ryan wanted to dress up for her party. I have to show you how goofy he looks. Here he is in his spiderman costume wearing a pink party hat! I can't wait to show is girlfriend's one day!

Madison is definately grandma's girl! She refuses to come to me when grandma's around and if grandma leaves... she cries! It is so cute! I keep telling my mom to take her home for a weekend or two... Laugh out loud!

Click here for more pictures

Sunday Smores

All I can say is "MESSY" and what was my husband thinking! He wanted the boys to have a treat. Couldn't he have brought home ice-cream or cookies!

A room suited for my princess!

I'm done... I can't believe it. This room was sooo much work but after it was completed it was well worth it. I love everything about this room and Madi is loving it too. She loves her new bed. We put a step stool at the foot of the bed so she can get up and down from it. She will climb on her bed and play with her babies. My running total on the room

Crib, Sheets and changing table (I sold to pay for her room): +$200.00

Pottery Barn Quilt and Shams- $150.00
Mattress and Bed: $100.00 (Craigslist)
Twin Sized Sheets and Sham: $20.00 (TJ Maxx)
Dresser: Free
Fabric for Dresser/lamp: $50.00 (I have probably 3 yards each of each fabric because Jo-Anne Fabrics required you to purchase a min. of 5 yards. So if anyone needs pink coordinating fabric let me know. I'm going to put it on Craigslist for $10.00)
Paint/Glue Misc. Supplies: $50.00
Wall Art: $45.00 (Big Lots)
Shoe Doll House: $20.00 (GoodWill)
Area Rug: $30.00 (Wal Mart)
Lamp: $5.00 (Goodwill)
Baskets for closet: $12.00 (Ross)
Table and Chairs: Free just refinished with scrapbook paper
Butterfly Hat Rack: $8.00 (Ross)

Out of Pocket: About $290.00 and tons of labor and love!
To see the complete makeover you can see my pictures here

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I can't believe how fast this year is going by so far. I feel like yesterday I took down the Christmas tree.

I got to sleep in this morning(yeah) :D and then Josh made me breakfast. We had eggs and hashbrowns (yum yum!) He is so sweet! I'm not sure what we are doing today. Probably nothing because he is working late and Josh and Madison haven't been feeling good. She has been running a fever in the evenings for about 3 days now.

I took some pictures of the kids today. They got a box of chocolates for breakfast... (yeah I know healthy!) Ryan was really whiny this morning so I got pictures of him and his perfect pout face. He learned that face the day he was born and over the last 3 years has tried to perfect it.

We spent most of our day in the playroom. The boys played on the computer and Madi and I played on her slide and with blocks. The boys refuse to let me take picture of them these days. I will have to re-train them I guess. They are so stubborn!

Anyways hope you all have a good Valentine's Day!

If you want to see more pictures from Valentines click here

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bath Time Fun!

Madison and Kylie were ADORABLE in the tub together. They kept splashing each other and then getting mad. It was too cute! Today I finalized Madi's room. It was an EXCITING day for me. I haven't gotten around to taking pictures because I have been too busy trying to get caught up on a week's worth of laundry and house cleaning, but I will get them posted tomorrow. I only have 3 weeks till I share my secret. :D

I am going to have dinner now with my family.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chilly but fun!

Josh wasn't feeling very good today so I wanted to give him a break and get the kids out of the house. We walked up to the school and played at the park. It was still winter... and very cold outside but the kids didn't care. They are so sick of being cooped up in the house they just had such a blast.

Madison and I did dishes together today! She loves to sit on the door and throw all my clean silverware on my dirty floor. That little monster!

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