Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Road Tripping to Boise Summer 2014

I can't tell you how many times I heard "Mom you are stopping again!" And I would cheerfully say "Just for a minute." And of course there was so much to photograph that a minute turned into maybe 10 :) the kids get annoyed at me but since I am the one driving... I am in charge :)

We stopped 3 different times at some spots I had been wanting to photograph since we started driving this road more frequently.

View from White Bird Highway

White Bird Pass

Christmas tree off the highway in June. HA!

Loved how the fog looked behind the road and the rocks

This is the old highway off White Bird! It makes me dizzy looking at it. Back and forth, back and forth! LOL And the viewpoint they made for it :)

Josh always liked this battlefield and stopped to photograph it for him

About to lose an hour of my life once I cross through this time warped bridge :) Good bye Pacific time zone!

New Meadows before McCall. Love this place!

View of McCall Lake

Panorama view of White bird pass and the old highway is on the left

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