Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy halfway through college degree Josh!! :)

Wow it has already been two years!! We are halfway through to finally grounding our lives to a better future. It's funny how you begin your life believing you are grounded and building a solid foundation to find that ten years later God has another plan. This change has been a huge sacrifice to the kids and they have been such great sports about it and in full support. Daddy has worked so hard to get his chemical engineering degree and doing something he is passionate about. It makes me happy to see him happier then when he an his own plumbing business.

In the process we have really enjoyed moving to a new place and getting to know new people, explore a different part of Idaho a little more and planning our future home and where we will end up. We love dreaming about the opportunity we have and how many doors will open up for us and our family!

Josh took me around campus and to all the buildings, locations and meaningful places he has on campus and we photographed him in some of his favorite spots :)

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