Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family day at Ann Morrison Park

We had family day at the park Sunday morning and had so much fun! Family days are rare now that Josh and I are both working so we really cherish the moments when we do get to spend time together. Josh and I took the kids on the Greenbelt and rode bikes along the Boise River. And as ALWAYS my camera followed and we got so many great photos of the kids.

First we rode bikes to the river and let the kids swim for a bit. Josh played with the boys while I found a nice big tree and sat in the shade with the babies. Then we walked over to the park and let the kids play on the playground. Madison and Kylie attacked each other in the tubes. It was pretty funny.

Madison just started "officially" crawling so it was neat watching her play in the tubes. We ended the day at Dairy Queen with some blizzards. It was the perfect end to a long hot day. On the way home... well not so perfect... the van broke down and we had four kids in a broken down vehicle.

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