Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riding Bikes at Ann Morison Park

The kids and I went to Ann Morrison for the day yesterday and rode bikes... It was an adventure. Josh helped me get the kids ready before he went to work but forgot to pack a bottle for Madison and I didn't realize that until we were in the middle of the park walking around. So we had to go to the nearest gas station and buy a bottle for Madison. When we got there a homeless man INSISTED on buying the kids an ice-cream. It was such a nice gesture... but unfortunately he also spent the rest of his change on beer. The lady at the register said he had already been in twice that day and bought beer. Kind of sad and all he could say over and over to me was "I have a good heart.... I have a good heart."

We started riding our bikes back to the park area and Ryan found THE ONLY MUD PUDDLE THAT EXISTS IN 90 DEGREE WEATHER ON THE GREENBELT and fell off his bike! It was hilarious. So we went down to the river and washed him off in the freezing cold water. Anyways me by myself with four kids on the Greenbelt was a little hectic but it was fun.

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God Bless!

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