Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Christmas at the Roper House

Christmas came too soon and also left too quick. It was such a perfect day. Josh and I were FINALLY awoken by the kids for the very first time EVER! My oldest is 8 and every year Josh and I would sip down to cups of coffee and then go wake the kids up cause they weren't up yet to open gifts. :)

This year was different. The boys woke up and begged us to wake up around 5:30 in the morning. I got up cause I wasn't going to miss this for the world but daddy slept in another hour. I let the boys dig through their stockings until everyone was awake. It was a small Christmas for us. But it was still amazing. With another little one on the way most of our money has been spent on her... (geez babies are spendy) but the kids are so appreciative and so thankful for what they did get.

Jacob and Ryan each got nerf guns, a dartboard, some board games, PS3 games (Infamous) and even PSP games for their handheld video games. Jacob got this super amazing helicopter that flies in the air (unfortunately needs to be returned cause it won't work) and Ryan got some walkie talkies and a remote control car.

Madison got a kitchen set and a fur real walking dog toy and some art stuff too. We made our annual Christmas quiche for Christmas and my Father in Law joined us for breakfast. Someone surprised me with a amazing camera bag to put all my gear in and it was given anonymously so not sure who it was but THANK YOU!! Keeps my camera gear nice and safe :)

We spent Christmas dinner at Jenny's house and had a super amazing dinner and the kids got to do a gift exchange.

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