Monday, January 2, 2012

Nursery Room Reveal for Kaitlyn

The details are finally done, paint is finished, dresser and crib refinished and room cleaned and organized. We are almost ready for our little angel to be born. It has been a long road for us. She was unexpected and a great surprise/miracle to our family. We basically had to start completely over from scratch as we didn't have ONE baby item when we found out we were expecting. I began her room before knowing she was a girl. I knew grey would be the primary color with simple white trees as a wall mural. My original plan was pink/grey butterfly theme for a girl but at some point during this process it was  changed to a grey and yellow nursery because we found the bedding on sale.  My mom came over and helped me lay out the design of the babies room and even helped me draw the trees on the wall. I have a wonderful mom! :)

Since we are a family on a budget I had to craigslist most of my items so therefore started shopping immediately. I started visually shopping ideas on pinterest and online for inspiration and now I am ready to reveal the FINAL product. As you enter the room here is what you see. 

Shaggy White rug from Target on sale for $66 Curtain Rod from Ross for $12.99 and the Two Shabby White Curtain Panels from Target for $24.99 each (Kind of spendy but exactly the look I was going for so I splurged a little!)
Here is the mural we did behind the crib with Aspen trees and bumble bees to match the bedding we found on clearance at Babies R Us. (Which is why the theme changed... money dictates!)

Crib off Craiglist for $50.00 and refinished by my husband and I. 4-piece Carter's Bumble Bee Bedding from Babies R Us for $100 on clearance

Madison wanted to be a part of the nursery and decided her sister needed some "babies" in her crib. She gave up three of her stuffed animals for her new sister to have :) She is so excited for Katie to be born and is always wanting to be a part of the process. Madison helped me clean and organize this room every time I was in there.

My original plan was to paint the flowers onto the tree... But my husband had this super amazing idea to buy little budding silk flowers and use thumbtacks to pin them on!!! He saw how many hours/days/weeks (LOL) I spent laying out, drawing and painting the trees on the wall and he thought it would take to long to paint all the flowers on. I am so absolutely thrilled with how the flowers turned out and gave the wall some dimension! Plus it only took me 20 minutes to pin them on versus hours hand painting them!
Silk Flowers $8.00 at Hobby Lobby, Dresser from Craigslist for $25.00 and refinished by me with new Hardware from Hobby Lobby for $25. Lamp was found at a yard sale for $5.00 :)  Changing table and pad was the most expensive thing from Babies R Us for $35.00 new ( No sales on this one! )

Close ups of the birds I hand painted onto the wall.

Bird House from Goodwill for $1.00! refinished by me :)

Close up of the lamp and the dresser handles from Hobby Lobby. And we have already been stocking up on diapers. You can NEVER have enough :)

No nursery is complete without a sitting chair! I really wanted a rocking chair but my Father in Law had this blue wing bag chair that he didn't want anymore that I decided to bring into the nursery. Since it was free it was a lot cheaper then buying a rocking chair or refinishing one off Craigslist to match the room. Plus it is SUPER comfy!!! :)

Pillow from Shopko fo $7.99 on clearance, Chair was free! Chair cover online was $69, I have two matching grey frames from Target that were $2.50 each on clearance and honecomb grey side table also from Target on super clearance for $14.99. It even has storage inside which I currently have magazines in. The dividers were purchased off Etsy for $10.00 which I love cause it keeps the clothes separated by size.
Because I am obsessed with baby shoes :) She probably already has 20 pairs of shoes!

I have a few more details to add to the room. I have her letters for her name to hang on the wall... (If I can ever find the "Y" in her name! I have been to Hobby Lobby probably 4 times for that one letter and they NEVER have it in stock!?! I may add curtains to the closet to cover it up but haven't decided. There are no doors :( I wish I could hide the stuff in her closet but since it is an older home the doors cannot be bought at the store and would have to be custom made. I am also "considering" making a mobile for her crib but I am not sure if it would be too busy with the mural behind it so not sure. Anyways I am so excited to share!!! I love how it turned out :)


melissa said...

congratulations!!! you have made a real beautiful room for her...what a blessing.

Sonya said...

what an absolutely stunning room! you have done an amazing job.

BH INFO said...

Awesome decorated room, absolutely beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

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