Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Maple Grove School Carnival

The kids love the school carnival! This year the boys got to run with their friends and ditch mommy and play games and do whatever they wanted :) They loved that. But the girls and I played all kinds of games together. Madison showed me her friends and her teacher and had such a blast. Love little events like this that bring a smile to my childrens face. In the end I got one picture of the boys but mostly this is just us girls... the boys don't like pictures these days. You may not see a whole lot of them anymore cause they tend to run from the camera
The girls won these sucker cookies on the cake walk on the first try!! :)


Katie loved  the duckie game!! She won fruit snacks playing this game!!

Madison loved being in charge of her own tickets. :) She felt proud to keep them in her purse.

She made it!!! Pro football player one day??? ;)

HAHA So totally a game daddy would approve of. :)

She looks sweet but she is working on something no so sweet here

All done... mommy change me!

Snuggle with her puppy purse

Handsome man rarely does he let me take photos

Ryan will usually let me take photos of him if I bribe him still

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