Saturday, November 16, 2013

Surprise gift from Grandpa came in the mail

The kids came home from school and found that Grandpa Roper had mailed them a package. They had no idea what was inside and I am not sure he could have picked a better gift for them. Everyday they now have this to remind them of Grandpa :) They get so excited about their flavor of the day and it is also a good way for  mommy to get them to do their chores. Want your gum?!? Well then you better get your room cleaned :) Thanks Grandpa

Katie is a little young for gum so grandpa even thought of her. He got her a book. He said it reminded him of her making the roar sound and thought she would do that if she saw the bear... and she did exactly that. She wasn't as much interested in the story as she was pointing to the bear on every page and roaring and pointing to the "baby" and saying "baby".

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