Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Easter Weekend = Fun FUN FUN!!

Easter was a crazy busy weekend full of all kinds of events. We had to be ready and at an egg hunt by 10 am and that's quite the task for a Saturday morning with four kids. After that egg hunt the next one started at 11:30 so we went over to the next one that was only for Madison and Katie's age group so the girls got even more candy! They also had games, crafts, a cake walk (we won two cakes! So we donated one to a family who didn't win one) and then we headed home to get ready for a birthday biking party. The kids raced endlessly around the tracks, showing off all their moves and tricks.

We came home and Katie took a nap, we got a little rest and then the kids got to open up the Easter box grandma had sent them. There was all kind of cool things inside and lots of snacks and treats for the kids to share. Grandma sent us plastic eggs with confetti that got all over but I think the kids had more fun with the easter grass on their heads. We also dyed our Easter eggs that night too! Always chaos and messy but still lots of fun.

Sunday we had our morning coffee, the kids woke up and opened their baskets too. We got ready for church and got into our Easter outfits. The kids looked so cute. We came home and had a big brunch, went on our egg hunt and then the kids and I went to the park with Adda and played fetch with her. We ended our evening with a beautiful ham, egg, asparagus and potato dinner and it was just a great weekend!

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