Monday, May 5, 2014

Renaissance Festival in Moscow

It was Moscow's 41st annual Renaissance Festival this year and we got to go!! We made sure to go to the parade and even Madison and Ryan got to participate in helping control the dragon during the parade. My only mistake was not thinking about how much fun it would be to chase the dragon throughout the park with a stroller, hills, grass and crowds and no walkways with a two year old so I didn't lose my kids in the parade. But it was worth it. They had a giant sand pit which was a hit for the kids to play in. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast.

The entrance to the Festival

A maze made out of dollar store table cloths. LOL! The kids liked it

ah! The dragon. The kids loved this!!! They enjoyed playing side of him too

Got one past the goalie

Do you see Madison? She helped control the dragon during the parade

during the parade all the wonderful people danced and played music

This is also Ryan's 3rd Grade Teacher :)

Music is important! 

They handed out flowers to people at the parade too!

We built sand castles :)

Up close and personal with this beautiful horse

Colored pictures 

Seeing the people dressed up was just as much fun as doing the activities

Not sure how but even people Madison doesn't know come up and want to photograph her :) Here is me photographing a photographer photographing my photogenic child (lol!)

boys, dirt, water, mud, messes.... 

Had such a great time!!! 

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