Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

How was everyone's Mother's Day? Mine was so awesome. I took the weekend off of work. Can you believe that Saturday I slept in till 2pm... I didn't even stay up late Friday night but I was just that tired from not sleeping much over the last couple of weeks.

My husband said it was my day off so he took the kids out of the house and I did nothing. I laid in bed... woke up a few times but kept dozing off and realized it was 2 pm by the time I got out of bed. It was much needed. Later that evening we had a BBQ with my son's 1st grade teacher. Whom I have become friends with over the last couple of weeks and absolutely love her!!! She joind  our Bunco Group and we have had so much fun getting to know each other. Plus now I get the inside scoop on my son's behavior which is always a mommy perk!

Here is a picture of my 3 kids and her 2 little girls playing in the sandbox

Here is my son's teacher and her daughter. They are such a fun family! I can't wait to get to  know them more!

And on Sunday! The fun begins cause I got to wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and homemade goodies from the kids! Those are the best gifts! We got everyone ready and made calls to all the grandparents and headed to the park. My mom was sick in bed so we took Courtnee to the park with us. I figured that would be better so my mom could get rest and Courtnee could enjoy the day outside.

Here is a picture of Madi and I. I didn't even know Josh took this photo til I downloaded it! So sweet! Love candid moments.

Okay funny story. So I told Madison to give the duck a kiss and she goes okay! So she goes and kisses the other end of the duck... I wish I had gotten a picture... but at the time I thought it was a little inappropriate... but now I laugh and think "WHAT WAS I THINKING!"

Courtnee showing off her skills on the scooter!

Have you ever tried to ride a ripstick? I almost killed myself last night trying! My 6 year old started riding this last year. He is amazing on these things. He turns, goes up hills... I mean I can't even get it started without falling! They require so much balance and coordination... which I dont' have so... I will stick with photography

All the kids!

I love this shot!

My husband had more fun feeding the ducks then the kids!

and no my husband did not teach my kids to roll the bread up into balls and throw them at the geese!

We went and visited our Nana on Mother's Day! Silly Ryan and his goofy faces!

Happy Late Mother's Day to all you beautiful mommies out there!


Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. I love Nana the best. She is so sweet. I can not believe how big the baby is getting...pure craziness.

I want to play bunco! : )

So glad your mothers day was the best. I tried Kaishon's rip stick and I almost died myself...that thing is crazy!

Dea said...

Too cute! I am glad you had a great mothers day.

Ive been well..just busy with the school year wrapping up, which means my poor lil blog has been sorta neglected =[

But everything looks good on your end and i hope that continues to be true!!

Taylor said...

It sounds like your Mother's day weekend was wonderful, so glad you enjoyed it.

I love that bird shot! Great sun flare!!

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