Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Daughter Giving Me Attitude

This one's for you Taylor! So ironically I read a post about this little girl Taylor giving her mom attitude... and well it had happened to me today too! I wanted my daughter to take a picture and she didn't want to. So of course I told he she wouldn't get a treat (fruit snacks) unless she smiled... so this is what she did. My life as a photographer has gotten harder... the bribes have gotten bigger, and I have to work extra hard to get a little participation in front of the camera these days!

But I am patient (not!), loving (except I do threaten) bribe my kids to cooperate and DETERMINED to get photos of my kids so even if this is what I end with... I am still happy in the end!

This is where I tell her to sit and smile

This is where I tell her she won't get a treat unless she smiles

This is her covering up her smiles cause I was tickling torturing her... so I settled with this picture... it was all I was going to get for the day.

BUT my little man Jacob was willing to participate! He smiled for treats...

And just for fun... one from Ryan the other day. Playing with the theme "yellow". His eyes look purple? Kind of scary!

Are you more patient with other peoples kids behind the camera then your own? Cause let me tell you that I definately am... I am totally fine with other people's kids don't want to smile for the camera but when it is my own it is like absolute perfection is standard or I get frustrated! Ha ha! please tell me i am not the only one out there like that!


Taylor said...

LOL! I see I'm not the only one. Maybe it's their age? When she does co-operate I usually get the cheesy smile. These days I'm lucky if I can get her to look at the camera, she usually runs if she sees it LOL!

Life with Kaishon said...

Yes : ) Definitely nicer with other peoples kids. I do sort of understand where Kaishon is coming from though. That has to be annoying to always have someone saying 'Smile! Look over here!' It doesn't stop me from doing it of course, but I do understand how it could be annoying : )

She is SO cute.

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