Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check out my new camera bag!

It's the newest thing to have a homemade camera bag. I have seen these bags on Etsy ranging from $50 - $200. They are soooo cool and I new I "HAD" to get one of my own. I found out a friend of mine just started her sewing business called "SEW N LUV". It was great to catch up with an old friend and also be able to help support her growing business. This was her first time making a camera bag and it was so fun helping her to design the bag and to put it all together.

When I designed this bag I wanted something to be able to carry all of my wedding folders, envelopes, business cards and contracts in when I meet up with my clients. I also wanted to be able to use it to carry my camera gear in during photo shoots. So Alyssa came up with this bag design. She has two pockets to hold my lenses securely inside and also an area to place my camera in safely. A front pocket on the front of the bag for my receipt book and pens. She even surprised me with my logo on the bag!! Which is also a great marketing idea to help promote your business. It turned out perfect! I was so impressed.

It is comfortable around my shoulders and I feel safe with my equipment inside the bag. I love the ability to use it as a camera bag and a business bag. I feel all professional now! :D She also will have a smaller bag available for everyday use. Who wouldn't want a camera bag that looks like a purse. It sure does look so much cooler then my huge Tamrac bag. If anyone is interested in a camera bag email Alyssa about getting one custom made. She did such an amazing job and I highly recommend using her. She also has many other great items. I already have some more items I plan on ordering from her in the future.

Thanks Alyssa... you are wonderful! P.S. Alyssa... we need to start you a blog and an Etsy Shop! :D
I will let the pictures show you the quality of this bag

Here is my logo. I cannot sew for the life of me... I would be lucky if a button I sewed stayed on to a shirt after a wash cycle. So I am so impressed that she sewed my logo onto this fabric and the font and colors are exactly as my logo is on my website.

An extra pocket on the front of the bag for all the miscellaneous items you want easy access too.

Here is the inside of the bag. You can see the pockets for my lenses. She asked me what lenses I had and got the measurements via internet to make sure they would fit nice and snug into the bag. And they fit perfectly! She also hand picked my fabric to make sure it would match up to my logo. She rocks!

And the little things do matter. Here is a close up of the padded shoulder strap. It is moveable to adjust to your shoulder. It really does make a huge difference for comfort.

Thanks again Alyssa! This is perfect.


Ashley Sisk said...

Cute bag, great photos and no captchas...I might be in love. Thanks for your comment. Not only am I commenting now, but I am also your newest follower. I can't wait to see more!

Taylor said...

So adorable!! My hubby has been giving me such grief about taking my camera out and just leaving it lying around where it could fall or what not. He told me to find a new bag because I complained my current one is too big and heavy LOL. Love that it is so personalized, she did a wonderful job!

Life with Kaishon said...

It is lovely as can be! Gorgeous. She is so talented.

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