Thursday, July 1, 2010

McCall Family Trip - Part 3

The last day of our trip was mostly just the drive home but we stopped a few times and took a couple photos of the scenery and here are a few of the pictures I captured. McCall is gorgeous! The lake is beautiful and the drive home is just as spectacular!

But before we do scenery shots... here is a picture of all the kids clonked out in the hotel bed. They were so tired they fell asleep in there swimsuits! It was a busy few days for them.

Here is the view of the lake early in the morning

I love the sunflares! It always reminds me of heaven

I told my husband he had to be in at least one photo so that people know that he exists. He is always working that I rarely get a photo of him

Some different angles of the lake.

These photos were taken through the window driving 65miles per hour down the highway... they actually turned out pretty good!

This is of a Catholic Church up in the Cascade Hills. It is so gorgeous

This was my husbands favorite picture

I actually stopped along the highway and got out of the vehicle to take a picture of this cow and I spoke to him to get him to look up! I wonder what passerby's were thinking! LOL

This old barn is a trademark in Cascade Idaho. It has been in calendars because of the unique look. It started falling down almost 10 years ago but is still holding on. The back end is fallen but the front end is still hanging on. It will be sad to see it go... and yes... we stopped again to get a photo of this. It was always on my priority list.

I have so much more to post. Jake and I celebrated our birthday this week. I have some pictures of the twins to post! Oh I love them! I may not get to them right away as I have 4 photo sessions this weekend! Can you believe that. It was because I was out of town last week and out of town next week so I have to get them all done this week.... Going to be hectic but so worth it! Hope everyone is doing great! I also am excited cause I just ordered a 2.8 11-16mm lens for my camera bag. It got rave reviews and can't wait to share some amazing panoramics with it in the future! I have two urban engagement shoots this weekend so I think this lens will be spectacular to use to get some fun and creative shots! :D


Amy said...

I took a picture of that old barn too. Would like to know the history of it...when it was standing. What was the family like who lived out there and tended to the farm? Great pictures!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad you had a great time! LOVE the sleeping bathing suited kids the very best. Aren't they adorable?

That barn is SO cool! I love the scenery. Magestic!

And yes, I was wondering if he was real or not since I never see him: ) Just kidding.

Taylor said...

What gorgeous scenery!! It must have been a great ride home. Love the perspective of your lake shots. Can't wait to see more pics

Happy belated birthday!

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