Thursday, July 1, 2010

McCall Lake Panoramic

Stunning... simply majestic... and pure perfection

This lake is amazing! My husband asked me to capture this photo for some of our long lost family in a country called Tunisia... (You know who you are and we miss you sooooooooo much!) This was where you stood once overlooking the lake before you rode snowmobiles in the mountains! :D

Anyways this photo took me hours to create. I ran across many problems with photostitching in Adobe. As easy as it sounds it really was not that easy. I didn't use a tripod which was my first mistake! And many others also but I think in the end... it might have been worth the 2 hour headache!

I showed my husband my final edit and this is what I wanted him to say "Oh my gosh hunny you are so talented and so amazing and how on earth did you create such a beautiful piece of art."

But what he really said was "It is much better in person, the mountains look small and the water is sloping to the right!" LOL! :D Gotta love the honesty


Life with Kaishon said...

It is beautiful :) You did a good job Stephanie Marie Roper: )

Taylor said...

You did a great job!!I tried to do one once and just got fed up with it LOL! Beautiful place.

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