Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Boy's 1st Day of School

Can you believe summer is already over! I thought this summer would be more fun then what it was. I mean don't get me wrong I had a great summer... but it ended quicker then I could imagine. I look back and I hardly took any pictures of my kids this summer, nor did I spend a lot of time with them this summer. I missed out on camping trips because I chose to work... I guess it may have finally kicked in that I neglected memories for money. What are your struggles with working and running a household.

I hold no claim to faim when it comes to multi tasking... in fact that is probably my biggest downfall. I am a perfectionist and when I sit down to do something I don't want to be interrupted or bothered. I want to get it done and get it done right... My question is how do you amazing business women balance work and kids? How can I have the best of both worlds?

I am sad that I have neglected my personal blog... I miss all my blogging friends... I hope you miss me just as much! Ha Ha!

But on the plus side I think my kids enjoyed the time away from the camera. I really think they miss it because now when I get the camera out (which is usually out the door for a photo shoot of another family) my boys jump in front of me and ask me to take pictures of them!

Well here are some pictures of my boys on their 1st day of school. Jacob started 2nd grade (I can hear you all gasping saying... What! your old enough to have a 2nd grader! You look like your 15... not almost 30!) Oh I so wish you are saying that! Feeling old these days. Ryan started kindergarten... and Madi... started enjoying her time off from her brothers for 3 hours a day.

Here is Jacob getting ready to ride his way to 2nd grade (I have more news to share on this for a later blog post... I already got a call from the principle for Jacob... any guesses on what for?)
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Oh my beautiful grass.. it is so green and lush... and so- so neglected. Jacob started his way to 2nd grade and Adda had such a hard time seeing him go... she followed him halfway there! Boys best friend!

Later that day got Ryan ready for his 1st day of afternoon kindergarten. He got the same teacher as Jacob! Woot Woot!

My daughter had to have her own lunchbox when we went school shopping. She takes it with her everywhere and likes to stuff it full of toys when we walk to school.... oh did I mention she even thought it would make a great horse? Got the picture to prove it.

and the kindergarten line up.... Must admit... I felt a slight tear... just briefly when I walked away from my baby boy.... then I went home and Madi took a nap while I enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee and proofed photos... then I realized that I can get so much more done when I am two kids down and magically that tear... disappeared.


Taylor said...

LOL, Yay for getting more done and disappearing tears! Maybe that is the secret to balancing both, school being back in!? Work all day, party all night LOL!

How fun that you are on the design team, I will have to check the website out.

I hope your laptop gets fixed up quickly for you. I am supposed to hand mine into my accountant for 3 weeks or so but I just might go nuts if I do so I bought another external hard drive and I'm hoping he can just use that and hook it up to his own laptop instead, fingers crossed!

I tried that pose with Mason when he was a newbie baby but like you said it was impossible to keep him up and try to take the picture wthout help. I did have my remote for the camera but he crumbled as soon as you let him go LOL! I don't think my lack of sleep helped because I would just give up too easily if it wasn't working right away.

The house selling is going slow so far but the kids are back in school and that is when the fall market picks up so hopefully we will sell it soon! I'm really excited for the new house and all the extra space we will have. I think it is almost 800 sqare feet bigger. We plan on staying there for a long time so we wanted something we can grow into over the next 10 or so years.

I hope the boys had a great day at school and that the principal called you because your Jacob was the epitome of perfection!!

Jules said...

Cute, Cute! I have to say I have missed your updates:),but I am so happy for you that you are getting lots of business though too, you deserve it! Your pictures are looking so awesome, and I am sure you have made your customers very pleased! I struggle with the same thing, with the whole business part of it. While its nice to have some extra income, I feel like if I were to go full board with it, the extra income wouldn't be worth missing out on time with my kids. I am not sure how to get a balance with that, so when you find it, let me know. lol
From what I have seen on your blog this summer, you did make some fun memories with your kids though!
Hopefully it stays sunny for another month atleast, lol, I am not looking forward to cold days!

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