Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Principal Makes a Phone Call Already

***FIXED!! I was spelling Principal wrong. Thanks Grandpa for correcting me. I hate misspelling words ****

When you think of the principal calling your house what is the first thing that runs through your mind? "What did my kid do?"

For the most part my kids are very well behaved. A little loud but very sweet tempered kids and I never have to really worry about them picking on other kids or disrespecting their teachers. But on occasion they do have to be put back in "check!"

My son is the social butterfly... he likes to talk and talk and talk... (eeeks he gets that from me!). Last year his teacher last year asked if she could make my son wear a hula hoop to learn his "bubble" boundary because he doesn't understand to keep his hands to himself. I kindly declined her offer to make my son wear a hula hoop even though the idea did slightly humor me... LOL! I am all about teaching my kid a good lesson... but knowing Jacob this would actually embarrass him so bad I think it would upset him emotionally. (he is also emotional like me)

So Jacob is now in 2nd grade (oh my gosh I have a 2nd grader!!) and already only after 1 week he got a note home from the teacher for "talking."

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This is not a shocker to me since this was our biggest challenge last year in 1st grade. So my son's punishment was to write an apology letter to his teacher. (yes this photog mom took a pic). I plan to black mail him when he has kids. BTW... doesn't he have the nicest handwriting!

So as a parent I felt like this was a good punishment and we talked about why he can't talk during class and how it is disrespectful because it prevents his teacher from doing her job... blah blah... same lecture as last year. And so the next day after school we were just finishing up homework and I get a call from the school. I immediately turn to Jacob and said "Why is your school calling me....what did you do?" He turned stone faced and said "nothing mom I got a stamp for good behavior today." So I answer and it's the principle.... YIKES! My heart stopped when he says...

"This is Mr. Principal (okay so he actually said his name but I don't have permission to use it) calling about Jacob Roper." I immediately answer by saying "Oh no... what did he do?" And the principle laughed and said "No this is a good call."

So long story short I had a long conversation with the principle and they are taking 10 2nd grade students and doing a 3rd grade combo class. My son was chosen to be placed in a 3rd grade class. He is one of the top students at his school and I think the reason my son talks so much during class is he would get bored because he would always finish his assignments faster then the other kids and then talk to his neighbors because he had nothing to do. It frustrated me that there was no resources available in our public schools for students who were advanced but there were plenty of programs offered for students who were behind. But since I haven't won the lottery yet I still can't put my kid in a private school that would cost $4,500 a year per child.... times 3 kids... =  impossible for us so public schools are our only option...until we get rich. (God can you read this?)

So for now I am on cloud nine... bragging about my son... who so luckily inherited his fathers geniousness and his mothers.... well.... outspokeness. And now I am also still grasping the idea that I am now a proud mother of a 3rd grader. He started his new class yesterday... and already had an hour worth of homework to do... but he whizzed right through it. He is so incredibly smart. I do not know why God trusts me to take care of a child who will probably be more educated then me me here in a few years... but I pray that I lead him in the right direction and that I stay devoted to him and also the other two kids as they continue their education.

So here is a picture of Jacob starting his first day of 3rd grade
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and the beautiful picture he made for me the other day.
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and also lets not forget Ryan... he made me this beautiful bus. He is just loving his kindergarten class... and I think my son might just have a crush on the lovely Mrs. "N" because I already caught him writing a letter to her (or at least trying too) since he can't spell yet. LOL! Too cute!
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Lesson #1: Don't assume the worst in your kid when the principal calls
Lesson #2: Principals deliver "BAD" and GOOD" news!
Lesson #3: My kid is growing up way to fast... I feel like 2 days ago he was just starting 2nd grade.... oh... wait... he was! :D


Taylor said...

So glad he was calling with good news! I had a feeling it was for a good reason. I think all of my report cards had comments about talking too much in class, we can't help it if we are social butterflies LOL!!

Life with Kaishon said...

That is awesome news. My heart goes into my throat every time I see the school calling. Every single time. I know what you mean about private school. Kaish went for 2 years. Sometimes private schools aren't all they are cracked up to be.

My kid is one of the ones that need learning support.

Dea said...

Aw, how cute! Thats awesome news you have about your son getting to move up like that! What a smart kid and i hope he enjoys it!

Iowa Sunshine said...

thanks for the comment on the smirk :). i really like your blog ... it's fun looking at kids and their school stuff! have a good week!

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