Monday, September 20, 2010

How we spend our weekends

The following is an example of how Boise folks spend their weekends during football season. Since all we do is grow potatoes here and make movies as lame as Napoleon Dynamite (I promise we are not as lame as that movie) this is the next best thing.

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Fortunately the next best thing is the best thing ever! I have slowly become a huge fan of football. I secretly watch football on TV when my husband is working late (shhh! don't tell him...) I still pretend like it's boring and that I only do it for him because I like to spend time with him. It boosts his ego. :D

But there is nothing better then watching our little team from Boise, Idaho grow from nothing into something. It's exciting and if you ever come to Boise during game day you can't pass a car without seeing blue and orange inside, outside or dragging along. People paint their yards blue and orange, hang banners across their houses, hang flags, repaint the inside and outside of their RV's to replicate the Bronco logo. I would imagine that we are one of the top State's for fan support. I think our next game day against the Duck's I will take a stroll and photograph all the craziness you can find here.

Why do we do this? Well probably because we have nothing better to do. Football is really all we got as far as sports... and since we have become a nationally ranked team it is really exciting for us. All this media attention from radio shows, ESPN and news is just incredible. And watching our stadium grow from pathetic and small to something people talk about is exciting. Yes we play on the BLUE turf!!

We are known for our trick plays, our style, the Fiesta Bowl (Cinderella Story), our undefeated - now Nationally ranked team, Coach Pete our coach and we are compared to the story of David and Goliath (us being David) but hey David wins so we are fine with that comparison. We are usually the underdogs in our big games and still seem to pull of victory after victory. We keep our fans on their toes, we put up a good fight and usually give ESPN a edge of your seat game which they seem to love! (probably for ratings)

Our fan support has become insane. On the flip side of that so has our rivalries. Everyone wants a chance to beat Boise State. Bring it on! We are always up for a challenge.

But if you ever come to Boise during football season it will amaze you how something like football can bring a city together. You yell out your window "BOISEEEEEE!" and someone will shout back "STAAATE!

Don't be afraid... jump the Boise Bandwagon! We are fun, friendly and we always put up for a good fight. We play from our hearts and that will conquer all. Go Broncos!


Taylor said...

Really cute pics! Love the short hair!! Can't wait to see some of the fun neighbourhood shots.

Amy said...

Even though we are in Colorado now, we are still cheering for Boise State.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am not a huge football fan but when I have to cheer for someone I cheer for Penn State : ) as my Daddy loves it, Ohio State as my Pastor in college LOVED it, or the Eagles since they are from Philly and I work in Philly and I love the color green!

What I love most of all about this post is how flippin' SKINNY you are and your Meg Ryan haircut. You are so cute. I can't believe you have given birth to 5 children.

Unflippinbelievable! XO

Jules said...

Look how cute you and your family are! I love that last picture, you guys are so fun! You should give me some tips on how to learn to love football, my poor husband is lonely. lol
Cute pictures!

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