Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 319 - Oh the messes we make!

I promised my kids we would paint our pumpkins today. It was such a mess! I am so glad I went to the dollar store today and bought these aprons for the kids.  LOL! I think I saw Ryan painting himself more then I saw him paint his pumpkin. It was fun. I also made this 11x17 template and plan on printing this photo out on my new printer. I bought the Canon Mark Pro Color printer. It's quality is outstanding for home printing!

I really hope I don't miss tomorrows project 364 cause I have a full schedule... Wish me luck! I am rocking it so far!



Taylor said...

Awsome pumpkin pics! Does your new printer come close to the same colour that you see on the screen? My printer gives me a headache trying to get it to print close to what I see.

BTW - You are too kind, I can't imagine anyone paying me for my pics. I am far too nervous and panicy to try going pro. I want to take some classes when both the kids are both in school so maybe in 5 years or so LOL!

Lindsey Rowland said...

awww looks like so much fun!! I need to paint instead of carve punkins with my little boy this year. Looks like they can be more involved that way. Thanks for the great idea.

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