Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 324 & 325 - Potty Break and Coffee Break

I had to snap this of Madison... I know I am a mean mom! How could I embarrass my daughter like this? Well I was short on time... hadn't taken a photo yet and we were in a public bathroom and I happened to have my camera... so SNAP! Here is day 324

Do you have a Hastings in your area? I love this place! We go there often especially in the winter and the kids and I go over all their homework. What i love the most is everyday they have happy hour and I can get a buy one get one free on all coffee drinks. The kids absolutely love it! Here is Jacob studying his Math homework and sipping on a Cotton Candy drink.

Happy Shooting! :D


Life with Kaishon said...

Half price drinks? I'm in!!

Taylor said...

LOL!! That first shot is too cute! We don't have a hastings but it sounds like Chapters. Sounds like a great place for parents and kids.

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