Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 320, 321, & 323 ~ Late...as always but that's how I roll!

Not even a week into Project 365 and I slipped behind a few days. If you knew how crazy busy I have been maybe you might cut me some slack!

This week has been a little rough. I am missing my husband because he is gone out of town again this week. It has been rough on all of us with him being gone out of town so much. My son Jacob left a note on daddy's car seat that said "I miss you when you are at work." It was on this itsy bitsy tiny piece of paper and he wrote it on there and my husband found it as he was leaving to go out of town for a week. It was a tear jerker.

 The kids and I haven't done a whole lot because I am behind on my photography work and trying to catch up.  I did take them up to this place called Tablerock tonight and we watched the sunset. It was so awesome and such an amazing view of the city of Boise. I hadn't been up there since I was in High School a bazillion years ago!
So here are my pics. I missed day 322 (gasp!) Are you surprised? Does photos of someone else's kids count?

This was at Grandpa's house. Tried to get all 3 to look and smile... but my kids did not want to participate in that adventure! Madison was pouting in the background.

I haven't photographed my dog in so long! Here is lil Miss Adda... this naughty puppy is in the doghouse today. While I was gone she got into the garbage and left a huge mess for me... part of that mess included this mornings coffee grinds all over the floor! Arrrgh!

This was at Tablerock. Love this picture and the boys enjoyed participating in this photo.


Life with Kaishon said...

That sillohuete is the coolest. Love the leaves.

Lindsey Rowland said...

LOVE the last photo!! Wonderful photos!!

Taylor said...

LOVE all three pics!!! Amazing! I saw on facebook how busy you have been this week. I'm so happy that work is so busy and really taking off for you!

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