Saturday, October 10, 2009

Being on bed rest has it's perks!

So while being on bed rest... I have to make a confession.... I am already done with my Christmas Shopping.... My husband was cleaning out the garage and he found my stash hidden in totes. He asked me where it all came from... I said don't worry hunny it was all on sale! :D LOL! No but really I have done lots of online shopping and found the best prices on things and got my kids all that I wanted for them... on the budget that was given to me... (Plus or minus a few dollars!)

but to be honest... I don't recommend bed rest just for shopping purposes... it is quite boring... and sometimes a little more stressful then living your normal life as now you have another person who is helping you out at your house and doesn't do things "Your Way!"

On another plus side though... not cleaning the house all the time gives me more time to spend with the wee - ones... and Ryan has come so far in pre-school. I underestimate that kid sometimes... but he is so incredibly smart and talented! I know this is so lame but he writes with his pencil CORRECTLY!!! No fist writing... he holds it like a big boy! :D Here are some quick shots of him during our first day of preschool.

This is him fist writing. BUT NOW HE CAN DO IT CORRECTLY! I will get some pictures of him later. But for now this is all I have.


Taylor said...

What a smart boy! I hope your bedrest will be over soon.

Melissa said...

Way to go on the Christmas gifts! I bet it was a little fun too checking it all out and finding the best price! Good for you!

Kristin said...

I don't know how well I would handle bedrest...there are days it sounds like a great idea :) but I know that someone telling me I had to stay in bed would be a different story... Like most things pregnancy related - it's all for a great cause! Hope you are able to catch up on some reading and good old 'restin'!

Catherine Anne said...

LOL< Love the dont worry it was all on sale! Love your blog~

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