Friday, October 9, 2009

My pretty baby and those pretty blue's!

My daughter was extra cute today... and I really missed my camera... so I really had to get some pictures of her! Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! :D

My family is doing well! I know I haven't blogged in almost a month now but we are all doing so good. We are doing some family restructuring right now! My oldest son took up a new hobby of lieing so we are trying to get that straightened out.

Ryan is actually doing really well and I am so proud of him! Except for the occasional "If I have to ask you one more time to pick this up..." He is doing so good and loves preschool at home.

Madison learned how to throw some SERIOUS tantrums and fits so we have been trying to fix that also. But I know a lot is due to me not being able to be a full time mommy and also with Josh being out of town so much our lives are a little hectic. My poor sister became insta mom of 4 kids! But she is doing pretty good considering. I think we had a few stressful days here and there but I am just thankful that she is able to come over everyday and help out with the kids.

Anyways I hope EVERYONE is doing well! I am ordering my new computer tomorrow! I found one that I love! I researched and researched and researched... what else was I to do! I can't do a whole lot so I shopped online! And found a SCREAMING deal on a laptop. It is a 1080p resolution monitor with a 18.4" monitor, super fast and lots of storage, blue ray player, bluetooth and the whole nine yards for less then $950.00....I think I shopped for over 4 hours online! This will be the PERFECT photo editing computer!

So anyways thanks to all those who gave me advice! I appreciate it!

I'm so cute! I know it! Look at my new bows! They are almost as pretty as me. Oh and these are SOOC... Can you believe that! Indoor (and this house has terrible lighting)... no flash... I am totally in love with this f1.4 50mm lens! It's a must have lens!
My puppy dog... I'm so innocent until I pitch a fit look! :D


Melissa said...

she IS a doll! Such pretty eyes!

How are you doing with the pregnancy? I'm curious to see how big your belly is with two babies in there. :)

Glad things are going well, but sorry about the lying. Kendra is having issues with lying as well.... Not fun!

Dea said...

Yay for the great laptop deal! Cant wait to hear more from you. Your daughter is so adorable, pretty big blue eyes! Hope all continues to go well!

Taylor said...

That sounds like a great deal on the laptop! I love the pics, so sweet and cute. The 1.4 50mm is a great lens, it's my favorite too. I'm glad to see some more posts from you.

Kristin said...

Adorable pictures! She is so cute; I'm sure it's hard to get a bad one :)
Congratulations on the laptop deal - mine died about a year ago as well and have taken over my husband's so I haven't quite made myself "at home" on it. Sounds like you found great piece of equipment at a great price!

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