Friday, February 5, 2010

Jenny's Baby Shower & Baby Update

3:30 pm MST- UPDATE #1. Thanks so much for praying for Jen! She isn't doing very well... it has been a rough week for her. She has been on some major pain meds to help with her kidney stone but it just isn't helping.... in fact in about 30 minutes my sister will be heading into surgery.

The plan (from what I understand) is to insert a tube to open up her uretha wider for the stones to pass. They said it is extremely painful... and the passing of the stones will be even worse. But they say it is too early to have the baby so it is what they have to do. Continued prayers is appreciated... I feel so bad for her... In fact as I am typing this... my other sister who is with her right now for her surgery says she is in so much pain... I am so sad for her! The doctor said that even baby kaden can feel some of the pain she is having.... isn't that just horrible!

4:30 pm MST - UPDATE # 2- My sister Melissa is with Jenny during her surgery and she told me at this moment Jenny is under the baby heart rate monitor because the babies heart rate is low. Not sure what the plan is but the doctor has been called and waiting for the doctor to check Jenny. Baby Kaden may have to come today.....

6:30 pm MST - UPDATE #3- Well the surgery is done. My sister is now waiting for Jen to get out of the recovery room. I am sure she is in lots of pain... but thankfully the babies heart rate was okay to do the surgery! Thanks for all your prayers....

Here are some pictures from her baby shower on Sunday.

Here is one of the cakes I made for Baby Kaden!

Here is the other one... my sister had two baby showers in one day so we had to make two different cakes.

And her super adorable Diaper cake

My sister thinks it is weird for me to take pictures of random things... she was making fun of me! But isn't it neat! Details matter... right? Or is that just what photographers think?

See... isn't it pretty? These are all of our dollar store decorations!

mmm... food...

My prego sister wore this to the baby shower! LOL! I bet she was really feeling that way too!

My block cake

Ever played this game? Melted chocolate in a diaper... Baby Ruth is so gross in this game... it looks so real! and I found out how competitive the Shepherd's are.... all of them were ruthless when it came to games... they should fit in just nicely with our family!

Should I try it? Is it safe... are you sure it is chocolate?

oh... this is the baby ruth... what does it look like to you? HA HA please dont' answer that... :D

and the big sis!

texting during a baby shower... isn't that illegal?

and the guest of honor... the prego sis!

Some more pictures of my cake...

This is the letter my little sis wrote for Jenny.... Isn't she sweet! It was because of her kidney stone that she wrote what she did.

So this is such a funny picture because when Jenny showed this outfit to Ron (her boyfriend... aka babies daddy!) he thought that it meant my mom that he looked like a monkey! he was slightly offended too! HA HA! Men are hilarious

GIFTS! Love baby gifts!

More gifts for Jenny's little monkey!

Okay so I just love this photo! Daddy came home for just a minute to get a basketball for his game... and Katelyn was so excited to see her daddy! Look how excited she was!

I know... I am a picture hog... but I just love pictures! I just LOVE THEM! So anyways... this is what I was busy with last week... cake making, decorating, organizing and baby shopping.


wadenjody said...

You are so amazing!!! i miss having your creative hand around...that cake is beautiful!! and Jenny looks so pretty pregnant...i hope her and baby are doing ok..i will pray for ya

Taylor said...

Praying for your sister. I really hope the stones pass quickly so her pain will end.

I just love how fabulous you are at making cakes! Everyone is so lucky to have such a talented family member always helping, planning and baking! Awsome job as usual!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

I want the cocktail t-shirt! Even though I had my baby, I still haven't been able to partake due to breastfeeding. Ugh! :) Looks like a great party. And my prayers are with your sister.

To answer your Lightroom question: my only experience was with the 30 day trial when I first got PS. Since I had no idea how to use PS at the time, I got very little out of LR and have been hesitant to spend the money for it. The person you need to check out is Susan Keller, (another IHF contributor). She LOVES LR and has several posts about it. In fact, if you scroll to the bottom, one of her categories is LR. Judging by her pictures, I say LR is wonderful! :) Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your pictures. I didn't want them to end. The detail pictures are AWESOME. I don't know if just people into pictures like them. I LOVE them!

And that Cake. Both of them really. WOW Steph! Is there anything you can't do? : )

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