Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Maternity Photos of Melissa!

I took these almost 5 days ago! Been so busy I haven't gone through them yet! It is now 4am and I am still up! I am so going to regret staying up so late. Madison has been extremely difficult lately and requiring every ounce of my time so I had to stay up to get caught up! I have so much going on. I am getting my website together, my logo, my new blog, advertising. I am really hoping my photography will go somewhere soon! Anyways here are some of the photos we took. Kinners was so funny.... she was sooooo upset mommy was showing her tummy. She was crying at first about it and then kept trying to pull her shirt down. Kids are so funny sometimes!


Taylor said...

Gorgeous shots!! I hope you get caught up on some sleep.

chi said...


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