Saturday, February 20, 2010

My pets are the best!!!

As I was enjoying my morning coffee on my couch I see my dog sitting on our patio chair with puppy dog eyes saying... "LET ME IN!!!" It is snowing here today in Boise so she was cold... poor thing!!! And here is the cat... just chillin by the window... probably laughing cause the dog is outside and he is in a nice warm house!  (PS The pictures were taken through the blinds... which would explain the verticle lines!!!)


Dea said...

aw, how cute!! My dog is very impatient when she wants back inside. She doesnt sit out and look in she just barks like crazy! Lol. Oh, also i was wondering how did you expand your posts on your blog? I want to make mine bigger to but i dont know how.

Melissa said...

Great pic's Steph!

Taylor said...

Cute kitty! Love that the focus is still on Adda but you can see the lines of the blind.

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