Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Trip McCall- Part 2

Day Two of our trip was more for mommy then the kids! I made them do a little scenic hiking for some photos... they were glad when the rain clouds moved in! :D They wanted to go swimming at the hotel so bad! Anyways here is day two of our trip.

I love photographing flowers!

and old ugly windows with weirdo boys in front of them

I like Flowers and Madison likes weeds...

We discovered a skate park in McCall. It is huge. I guess during the grand opening of the skatepark Tony Hawk showed up! It was a huge event for McCall. I felt a little nervous the whole time watching my kids out there without gear... but I was not prepared to find this along our journey!

On our walk we saw so many amazing things like the small airport

and this picture I love because you can catch a glimpse of a rainbow in the clouds and the second one is an airplane on top of an old camper that is for sale???? How would you transport that? Maybe it is connected to the airplane and you fly around with it... LOL

The rain clouds are moving in

This helicopter was soooo neat!

Right off the path we found a cemetary with a picnic bench and wind chimes?

Found another park on the way home so we HAD to stop!

and ended the day at the pool

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am back off out of town again for a girl's weekend getaway with the sisters. So excited!


Taylor said...

What another great day! The kids look so thrilled to be in that pool finally lol!

I love taking pics of flowers too! Ever since we took that class online I have been stock piling them up for editing but rarely edit them lol. I lost a bunch of them when the hard drive pooped out... that sucked!

Life with Kaishon said...

So much fun! No matter where you go with kids all they want is the hotel pool, right?

I like the weeds too!

Love the skaters: )

Love your pictures. Hope your girls weekend is fabulous!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Such amazing backdrops! Wow...LOVE them all.

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