Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our family Christmas!

I am just now getting to my photos. I cannot believe I didn't capture more then this! I guess I was so busy focusing on my coffee and not falling asleep I found no motivation to take more photos. I was pretty exhausted  by the time we celebrated Christmas. All the preparations wore me out plus Madison's constantly asking me a million questions about Elf on the Shelf, Santa and all her gifts she made for her classmates, teachers, friends, and family :) The girl has a heart of gold but she can wear you out :P

We had a small and quiet Christmas this year! Katie got a doll and a baby stroller, a vacuum like mommies and a broom so we can start her early on cleaning the house :)

Madison got a karaoke machine. She loves to dance and sing and thought this would be fun for her to do and put on shows for us.

Ryan got a Zombie Airsoft Pellet Gun with a target range and a brand new PS3 Lego Batman Game which he was really excited about.

Jacob got a new mini Fender Squire electric guitar. He has been teaching himself to play on a bigger adult sized guitar so this will be much easier for him to learn on.

Josh and I got each other nothing. LOL! It's kind of Christmas tradition we would rather spoil the kids. But we did spoil each other with a good home cooked meal. Josh smoked my favorite food and made a Brisket and I made a spinach walnut salad and potatoes and for dessert I made a chocolate pudding cake for each of the kids to have their own. It was such a good Christmas. Hot fire, hot coffee, Cocoa, Christmas music, happy kids, home cooked meal, and just us for once and being able to relax and not be on the go visiting everyone on Christmas.

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