Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Day of School - August 2013

Behind?!? Yes!! Yes! I even have photos from almost a year ago to process. I will catch up... eventually. But anyways I was so excited to see the kid's come off the bus on their first day of school! I had it all planned. I hid out behind a bush and got my telephoto lens on and wanted to zoom in and get them candidly walking off the bus together and capture each child coming off the bus....

 It was a gorgeous day! The streets were quiet and weather perfect. I went outside and waited for what felt like forever because I wasn't exactly sure what time the bus would get to our neighborhood. And guess what everything was working out perfectly and BAM! Stupid Jake's Service truck totally photobombed my picture. How dare he drive down my street ;) Guess you can try to get everything to go smoothly but sometimes things are out of your control. How ironic he drives down the minute my kids come off the bus and gets in the way of my perfect photo. Oh well.... life goes on :)

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