Sunday, April 4, 2010


Things to do today
  1. Thank God for all He has done
  2. Thank Jesus for dieing on the cross for my sins
  3. Get lots and lots of pictures!
  4. Watch the kids wake up and see their Easter baskets
  5. Make a huge breakfast for the Roper's side of the family.. (waffles with strawberries and whip cream, and 3 different kind of quiches!!)
  6. Make a 27lb turkey for my side of the family
  7. Thank Jesus again for loving me enough to die for me so that one day I could be in Heaven! He is so good!
  8. Share the story with my kids... and then watch Veggie Tales Easter Carol
  9. Go to Jenny's house for dinner and an egg hunt
  10. Get Jacob ready for school tomorrow... it was a long and rainy/snowy/hail spring break... poor kid didn't get to do much this time around... then sleep tonight! Do holidays wear you out as much as they do me!?!
I remember being a kid and looking forward to them cause they were always so much fun! But I never realized how much work is involved in holidays....

So mom - dad.... grandparents.... aunts and uncles.... this is a little late but THANKS for making my holidays always eventful! I love holidays because I think my family has always made a big deal out of them. Lots of food, LOTS OF KIDS!! noisey homes, kids playing, games, egg hunts... new dresses and hats... and as always (I grew up Catholic) we would always attend mass... and yes I complained the whole way there. "Are you sure we have to go today.... it is Easter, can't we stay home!" Now I know how important Easter really is.... Thanks mom for dragging me to church on Sunday's! :D


Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Easter to your beautiful family Stephanie! Hope it is a wonderful day. I am glad you have a big family to enjoy it with!

Taylor said...

Great shot of you and the family! Holidays are so bust and hectic but always worth the extra effort when we see how happy our kids are. It really does make me appreciate my family more now that I have Taylor.

I almost dressed Taylor in the exact same outfit today!! LOL. We went with a green polka dot dress instead though. (Grandma loves her in a dress hehehe!)

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