Friday, April 2, 2010

More of the Family - Part 2

I am so far behind! I don't know where time goes sometimes! It is Friday which mean Easter is right around the corner... good thing I got my Easter stuff done a couple of days ago otherwise I probably wouldn't have been done in time! LOL!

So I got my new Nikon D90 in the mail today! I am excited to try it out. It will have to wait till Easter though... can you believe I am too busy for my new camera... I shouldn't even be blogging right now... but oh well. So I did some test shots and I love it because it has a built in video camera which means I can share the cuteness of my kids from my camera. The first thing I did was take it out of the box and try it out. I got Ryan dancing in his underwear... yes it is 20 seconds of pure delite! :D

I will share that at a later time but for now here is some more of our family outing.

My niece Kylie (left) and my mom, Courtnee and the shaggy mutt to the right

Jen's family - Baby was not happy... he was hungry

Jenny and Ron... So cute!

Me and my family! And a mother daughter picture also


Lindsey Rowland said...

Awww very good photos. Good locations too. Glad you are loving your new camera.

Dea said...

Great job! That one of your niece is so cute I just want to hang it up in my house! Lol.

Taylor said...

Beautiful shots of your family! Happy Easter.

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